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From Ginger tea to Coconut water, 5 items to cleanse your system after New Year parties

We have officially bid farewell to 2022 and entered the new year today. Some of us must feel fresh and rejuvenated as the 365 days of 2023 await us with various opportunities, while others might still be a little heavy from all the food, drinks and partying that happened during New Year’s eve.

Fun and frolic at parties are unmissable during this time of year, and so are the accompanying fatigue and haziness. Once all the lights go out and the music stops, our body requires a quintessential detox session to lighten up and zone back to a healthier state. Fret not. Here are 5 items you can consume to cleanse your system after an intense night out.


If you’ve been drinking while partying, you’re bound to get dehydrated at some point. Water comes to the rescue here. It will also assist in the digestion of all the junk food consumed there.


Probiotic drinks help in the elimination of toxic elements from the body and relieve it from hangovers, bloating and digestion-based problems.


While normal water helps with rehydration and digestion, coconut water also helps lock in the body’s water levels and relax the body due to the presence of electrolytes in it.


While eating may not be something you’d want to do right after a party, having some eggs after taking enough rest and letting the body generate some appetite would be really beneficial for your body, as they help in maintaining blood sugar levels.


Mixed with honey, or even without it, Ginger tea is an instant reliever from bloating and heaviness resulting from an intense night out. Ginger also helps reduce headaches or inflammation in the gut resulting from drinks or fast food.