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Those confused about next election should read history: Momen

Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen on Sunday said Bangladesh is a democratic country and urged those, who have confusion about the next national election, to read Bangladesh’s history.

“Awami League has always formed government through election. We will surely welcome international observers. We have nothing to hide,” he told reporters after the inauguration of the e-gates at Sylhet Airport, apparently referring to the US.

They have a lack of knowledge and they need to know our history, Momen said.

“In our country, election is very participatory. There is enthusiasm and joy. This country was created based on democracy, human rights and to establish justice,” said the foreign minister.

Momen said Bangladeshis fought to uphold human dignity and the principles are deeply rooted in every citizen.

“Others don’t need to give us prescriptions. We have made a commitment. Our Prime Minister made the commitment that our next election will be free, fair, transparent, acceptable and inclusive,” said the minister. He said the government wants the election, taking all on board who are willing to participate in the election.