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Corruption of millions of rupees in Sunamganj for 10 taka rice

The program announced by the Prime Minister is ‘Food Friendly Programme’. That is to sell rice at a rate of 10 taka per kg. Although it is in line with the market, it is now sold for 15 taka. Sunamganj is known as a food store. There has been a discussion about this food-friendly rice in Mallikpur from the district headquarters. Atap rice is not available. But this rice was given to the dealers. Complaints have been filed;

Cooked rice stored in the warehouse is sold at a higher price and atap rice is bought from the market at a lower price and given to the dealers. And in the middle, millions of rupees have been looted. Abdul Qayyum, the food depot commander, is accused.

According to the documents, 393 tons of Atap rice was given to the dealers this week for the sale of rice at a rate of 10 taka per kg. Trade union dealers of the upazila started selling that rice since last Thursday.

The current market price of the rice being sold is Tk 30 to Tk 35. But Abdul Qayyum, the commander of the Mallikpur food depot, did not have that much stock of rice. According to the weekly census of the district food controller, 40 tons of Atap rice was stored in Mallikpur food depot from February 10 to February 16. In the following week from February 17 to February 23, the stock is shown at 38 tons. It showed that only two tons of Atap rice left the warehouse in a week. However, 393 tons of Atap rice has been distributed in the food-friendly program. Talking to this reporter from Manavzamin about the source of Atap rice yesterday, the officer in charge of the Mallikpur food depot admitted that the rice came from another center, but in reality he could not give exact figures. Taking into account the information provided by him; That is also not the above average of 393 tons of Atap rice. Food warehouse officials and employees told – The cooked rice in Mallikpur food warehouse is of high quality.

The market price is 50 to 52 taka per kg. The officer in charge of the food warehouse sold that rice for a high price on the black market. He later used part of that money to buy atap rice at Tk 30-35 per kg and gave it to the dealers. And those dealers are now selling atap rice bought in the market. account says; If you buy 400 tons of Atap rice for 30,000 per ton, the total amount will be 1 crore 2 million. And if 400 tons of cooked rice is sold for 50,000 taka per ton, the total amount is 2 crore taka. It’s been seen; The food depot officer snatched 80 lakh taka from an upazila’s week-long food-friendly program. The uproar started in Sunamganj yesterday after the discrepancy between Kaguz’s account and the sale of Atap rice in the market came to light. Meanwhile, Monir Uddin, dealer of Gorangpur, Sunamganj Upazila Sadar and Sujan Nandi, dealer of Islamganj went to some dealers’ shops in the morning and found that only food-friendly rice of the program is sold. Dealers said – they got atap rice. Sell ​​for this reason. Surma Union dealer and president of Upazila Dealers Association, Aron Mia, said that they only sell Atap rice if they have atap rice.

When they get other rice, they sell it at the price set by the government. He said there is no mistake in the sale. Mallikpur food depot commander Abdul Qayyum has denied the allegations against him. He said that they collected Atap rice from three upazilas and gave it to the dealers. And these calculations don’t come as end-of-the-week numbers. But he couldn’t give accurate rice statistics without accumulating three upazilas. According to Daesara statistics, there is a shortage of 70-75 tons of Atap rice. He could not answer about the shortage of rice. District Food Inspector. Mainul Islam said that sometimes when there is a shortage in the warehouse, food is collected from other upazilas or warehouses. He doesn’t quite know the case. But – will look into the matter. If there is any misunderstanding, effective measures will be taken in this regard, he said. Meanwhile, the victims have also expressed their anger after it came to light that the food-friendly program announced by the Prime Minister has been cancelled. Picking up rice from various dealers yesterday, they said the Prime Minister has started this program with the thoughts of the poor in mind. Boiled rice would have benefited them more. Also the rice served is of poor quality. They said they took them because of family tension.

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