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MP Mokabbir Khan in both crises

High drama. Mokabbir Khan leaves after congratulating Tahsina Rushdie’s Luna. Go to London. There was still some drama left. Luna got caught in the net of the law. Elections are only a few days away. After receiving the green signal, Mokabbir Khan came to the country with a few hours’ notice. Back in the election field in an unprepared state. At the end of the day he won. He is the only MP of Parliament who fought for Surya Marka. He is the leader of Dr. Kamal Hossain’s public forum. However, at that time, Dr. Oikyafront was leading under the leadership of BNP. Kamal Such was the election picture in Sylhet-2 constituency in 2018 elections.

After the election, Mokabbir Khan took oath ignoring the opinion of Oikya Front. After that, five MPOs elected on BNP ticket also took oath. BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir did not take oath. Later by-elections were held in his seat. The BNP candidate won this by-election as well. Later, BNP got a reserved seat share. But Mokabbir Khan changed after becoming MP.

Discussions and criticisms about his various activities continued everywhere. For four long years BNP MPs strongly protested on various issues in Parliament. But Mokabbir Khan was almost silent. After four years BNP MPs resigned from Parliament but Mokabbir Khan did not.

He did not have to bear less criticism about this. But for a long time, Mokabbir Khan could not announce the existence of public forum in his area. He has been an MP for almost 5 years. Still, public participation is close to zero. There are also many questions about the development. Although there are no corruption charges against him, there are against the Sangpangas. Because of this he has become alone.

BNP leaders and activists said that the challenge was to retain the seat after the nomination of Ilias wife Tahsina Rushdie’s Luna was blocked in the 2018 elections. Mokabbir Khan was brought from London. He was only a show-piece. He had to fight in the front. The BNP leaders and activists snatched away the victory. But as time went by, Mokabbir began to cut ties with the BNP leaders and activists. Finally, Elias gave up contact with his wife Luna. Even after his nomination was stalled, Luna took his son with him and begged for votes for Mokabbir Khan in the election field.

Mokabbir Khan’s behavior, BNP party chairman, members also do not go near him. However, the expelled leader from BNP formed a ring with Suhail Chowdhury of Biswanath, Abdal Mia of Osmaninagar, Imran Rabbani and others. That ring didn’t last long either. Many are related. He is almost alone now.

No visible improvement in last 5 years. MP’s are giving regular varadh. He is being discussed about two government projects in Osmani Nagar and Biswanath. These two projects are technical college construction projects. Awami League leaders in Osmaninagar almost finalized the project. The place was also found. MP gave bugra here. He did not care.

At his initiative, land was allotted at Kagazpur on the Dhaka-Sylhet route. That didn’t happen either. As a result, this project is still pending. Bishwanath’s initiative was to establish a technical college in Meerach. But many locals wanted to stay in the area around Vishwanath College. Bagra is also there. Two projects are stuck in dispute with MP.

There is no visible development in Osmaninagar and Vishwanath, which are lagging behind in the field of education. They could not do anything on their own initiative.

However, he has done some work on behalf of the government under special allocation. Enta’s complaint against the MP regarding road communication.

Former MP M Ilyas Ali, Shafiqur Rahman Chowdhury and lastly Yahya Chowdhury worked for the development of road connectivity here. But the current MP Mokabbir Khan could not show much work. Day after day the Biswanath Jagannathpur road and the flood-damaged Tajpur to Balaganj road were suspended.

Recently, some allocations came when other public representatives raised the issue with MP Planning Minister MA Mannan from the neighboring constituency. It is only movable allocation. Nothing extra.

MP Mokabbir Khan also got into a dispute with the local administration over the project. Because of this, he faced upazila executive officer Tahmina Akhter in Osmaninagar.

After filing complaints against him in various departments, he finally made a public complaint against UNO in Parliament. Later, UNOK was withdrawn from Osmaninagar. Since then, he has clearly distanced himself from the administration. For this reason, administration officials are carrying out development work with local public representatives.

Biswanath’s upazila chairman is Awami League leader SM Nunu Miah. Mokabbir Khan MP has been in conflict with him since the beginning. Nunu Mia worked through the planning minister to get the allocation of LGED roads. Again, MP Mokabbir discussed about tube well allocation. He made media headlines several times. Allegation that expatriates and rich people have been allocated tubewells has created a commotion in Biswanath. There was a lot of controversy about the various activities of the former APS. Later, however, he removed the APS.

In Bishwanath, there was an incident of throwing shoes at Awami League’s car on the eve of going to the upazila administration office. A case has also been registered in this incident. In an incident related to a false case, school students marched against him in Goalabazar. Awami League leaders are also upset with the actions of MP Mokabbir Khan.

They said that the MP will lobby in Dhaka and bring the development allocation and work in the area. This is everyone’s wish. But Mokabbir Khan could not do any work beyond his allocation. There was corruption in some of the assigned works. These complaints have also been given to various departments.
General Secretary of Osmaninagar Upazila Awami League Afzalur Rahman Nazlu said that because of him the work of technical college is pending. He put the project on hold due to protesting corruption in some works.

He said that the people of Osmaninagar and Biswanath are unfortunate. They are not getting any qualified MP for the past two terms. Due to this, there is no development activity. Those development allocations came; MP blocked them in various ways. He commented that it cannot be the work of any public representative.

Senior leader of Biswanath Upazila Awami League and Chairman of Sadar Union Siikful Haque said – “What comment shall I make?” There is no allocation. There is no work. I don’t know if there is an MP or not. He is a leader who is separated from the people. Floods, Corona, how many things have gone; People were helpless. The MP was never seen.

President of Osmananinagar Upazila BNP and Chairman of Dayamir Union STM Taj Md. Fakhr Uddin said, MP Mokabbir Khan’s work is traditional. And I was not given any allocation. He is bypassing me and doing development work with his own people. However, that work is not visible.

He said – before the parliamentary elections, we were in the polling field on behalf of BNP. Now we are not in touch with Kalebhadre. Instead, he took a stand against us in the local elections.

Meanwhile, these issues were discussed with MP Mokabbir Khan of Sylhet-2 Constituency yesterday. He claimed to be a ‘lucky’ MP.

Said – left the nomination papers from the electoral field to London. Later Dr. He came to the country and elected on the instructions of Kamal Hossain. However, despite the support of Oikya Front in his election, he was not the front’s candidate. He also commented that BNP’s local leaders had no role in his election.

Mokabbir Khan said that in the last 5 years, he has done development works of Tk 4-500 crore in his constituency. Out of this, Tk 120 crore has been allocated to Lamakaji, Tk 49 crore has been allocated to Vallabpur in Osmaninagar, apart from Tk 22 crore project on Jagannathpur road, Tk 10 crore has been allocated on Khajanchi-Kamalbazar road. Project and Tajpur to Mainabazar road project work of Tk 5 crore. There has been development in the area. He commented that those who do not have eyes do not see.

Regarding not resigning from Parliament, Mokabbir Khan said – Even though all BNP MPs resigned, I did not resign. “Would the government have fallen if I resigned?” he asked. He said – I did not resign based on the overall context, the decision of the party and the opinion of the people of the constituency. I am in parliament and working for the development of the area.

The missing BNP leader m. Ilyas Ali’s wife and adviser to party chairperson Tahsina Rushdie’s Luna. He said – Mokabbir Khan used my car, my people during the election. He came to my house. We support him after my nomination was cancelled. My son went and campaigned for him.

He said – after winning the election, he committed dishonesty. Now he is not in our alliance. Luna commented that there is no need to comment more about him.