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Tea or coffee, what to eat in the summer?

There is no conversation without tea and coffee. Be it political chat or blasphemous gossip. In winter people actually drink more coffee than tea. But the situation in summer is quite different. While most people in the country prefer milkshakes and cold drinks to tea and coffee in summer, Bengalis love to sip on a traditional cup of hot tea and coffee. But drinking this tea and coffee has several pros and cons.

Let’s know which one should be consumed between tea and coffee in summer-


A cup of coffee not only alters our body temperature but also fulfills our daily need for caffeine. So coffee is definitely the best drink for those who love caffeine. But since cold coffee has less caffeine, it may not satisfy many people. Why not, a hot cup of coffee works to reduce stress and relax the mind. But if you want to lose weight this summer, it is better to choose black coffee instead of milk and flavored coffee.

The tea

Tea has many benefits. Drinking hot tea in summer cools the body’s normal homeostatic temperature. It not only relaxes the body but also reduces digestive problems. It also boosts the immune system, helps the body absorb nutrients and minerals, and also hydrates the body. In that case hot tea is fine and cold tea is not bad. In particular, iced green tea does not contain enough caffeine to help boost the body’s metabolism.

Which one is right to eat?

According to experts, tea is better than coffee in this intense heat. Because the caffeine in coffee increases body temperature and dehydrates the body. Although tea has the right amount of caffeine, coffee has more caffeine than tea. Moreover, the nutritional value of a cup of tea is much higher than a cup of coffee. For example, coffee does not have the metabolism and hydration properties of tea. Also, the flavored coffees available in the market are very rich in fat and are not at all suitable for weight loss. In this case, iced tea is more beneficial than cold coffee.