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AL must not come to power again as it is against independence: Fakhrul

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has alleged that the government has been working against independence and it should not be allowed to come to power again in any way.

“It’s a matter of regret and shame  that Awami League has taken a stance against independence now. During the Liberation War our aim and expectation was to establish a democratic society, multi-party state system which Awami League has destroyed  and  returning  to one-party rule as following  their previous technique,” he said.

Now their stance is against independence, against democracy and against the people of the country, said Fakhrul at a programme at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity on Thursday.

Bhashani Onusari Parishad organized the event marking former minister Sunil Kumer Gupto’s 15 the death anniversary.

Fakhrul  came up with the remarks a day after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that  arson terrorist BNP-Jamaat alliance, the killers, the anti-liberation forces and war criminals must not come to power again in this land (Bangladesh),” she said.

The prime minister said this on Tuesday while speaking at a civic reception accorded to her at Ritz Carlton hotel in Washington.

The BNP leader also criticized the government  for its stance not to repeal the Digital Security Act.” When all are demanding cancellation of the law you are boasting that it would not be cancelled.”

“Why it should not be cancelled? You are using this(Digital Security Act) as an weapon which you don’t want to lose,” he added.

“But you should not forget that the people of the country achieved independence though the Liberation War in 1971, they ousted the autocratic government through mass upsurge  in 1990. Now the people of the country have started a movement and democracy will win through this movement,” said Fakhrul.

He said that they country will have no existence if the anti-liberation, anti-democracy force comes to power again.

“ For this reason we have started a simultaneous movement with all the political parties who love the country. We have created hope among people across the country. With this hope, we’ll have to free the country, protect independence and restore people’s rights ,” he added.

Covenor of Bhashani Onusari Parishad Sheikh Rafiqul Islam chaired the event.

Though the event was supposed to be held at the Jatiya Press Club later club authorities cancelled the permission.

Jatiya Party (Kazi Zafar) President Mostafa Jamal Haidar, Gono Forum General Secretary Subrata Chowdhury, BNP Chairperson’s Advisor Council Member Bijon Kanti Sarkar, among others, spoke at the event.