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SCC polls: Anwaruzzaman announces 21-point election manifesto

Awami League mayoral candidate Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury announced 21-point election manifesto in Sylhet City Corporation election.

He announced this manifesto in the hall of Hotel Nirvana Inn in the city on Saturday (June 17) around 1 pm. At that time Awami League presidium member Syeda Jebunnesha Haque, organizing secretary Shafiul Alam Chowdhury Nadle, executive member Azizus Samad Azad Don, Sylhet District Awami League Acting President Shafikur Rahman Chowdhury, Sylhet Metropolitan Awami League President Vir Muktijoddha Masuk Uddin Ahmad, Sylhet District Awami League general. Secretary Nasir Uddin Khan, Sylhet Metropolitan Awami League General Secretary Professor Zakir Hoson and other party leaders and activists.

Before announcing the election manifesto, Anwaruzzaman said, “We have already discussed the problems and solutions of Sylhet with the citizens, youth, students, urban experts, planners, etc. I attended the seminar. Thousands of specific opinions and suggestions have come online. Many things can be implemented if elected. Like the urbanist, I also aspire to ‘beautiful and prosperous Sylhet’. Now I am aware of every problem of this city and its possible solution due to expert opinion and survey. We have also planned short-medium-long-term solutions to solve the problems that have already been identified. If the people elect me, within 5 years Sylhet will be visible in front of the citizens with a distinctive feature, Inshallah.

At this time, Anwaruzzaman said, ‘The tide of development is flowing across the country under the leadership of our honorable Prime Minister Janantrei Sheikh Hasina. Awami League government has also made great progress in Sylhet, which no government has done in the past. I want to make Sylhet a smart city. Elect me by voting on the boat symbol.

The 21 points included in the manifesto are-

1. Smart city building, 2. Green, clean and environment-friendly Sylhet, 3. Elimination of waterlogging and flood control, 4. Waste management, 5. Planned Urbanization, 6. Safe and healthy Sylhet, 7. Disaster awareness, 8. Educational and culturally friendly Sylhet, 9. Women friendly Sylhet, 10. Business friendly Sylhet, 11. Establishment of parks, gardens and playgrounds, 12. Active Sylhet, 13. Sylhet in human development, 14. Expatriate-friendly Sylhet, 15. Sylhet of harmony, 16. Tourist friendly Sylhet, 17. Elimination of social crime, 18. Participatory and well-governed Sylhet, 19. Citizen friendly Sylhet, 20. Sylhet of youth, 21. Technology Sylhet.