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Pet Health Care in This Hostile Season

August is the season of rollercoaster weather in our continent, especially in Bangladesh.

At times, we could find ourselves struggling with unbearable heat, while in contrast, heavy rains remains showering down without any break.

In this unpredictable upswing of weather, we face severe unstable health conditions. Especially animals like cats, rabbits, dogs, and birds have the risk of heat strokes, dehydration, and many other severe health issues.

According to veterinary reports, there is a significant increase in heat stroke cases among pets during the hottest months of the year. Dogs and cats are particularly vulnerable due to their limited ability to sweat. So, It is essential for us to put some extra effort into the care of these small animals as they themselves are not capable of doing it on their own.

Things should be taken care of when It’s raining-

Create a comfy and cozy haven for your pets where they feel comfortable taking their nap. Making a comfortable bed and putting some toys in it will be a lovely treat.

Due to rain shadders, there might be slippery surfaces like balconies inside your home. It may cause them discomfort and injury. So, wipe up the surfaces whenever it is needed.

Check your pet’s paws. If it’s wet after an outdoor walk, wipe them off. It might cause them to slip and get injured.
Regularly brush your pet’s fur to keep them clean and to avoid matting when it’s rainy outside. Additionally, furry animals shed excessive fur on extremely sunny days. Keeping them well-brushed will help them intake less furs due to licking.

Avoid making your pet wet from rainwater. It will help them stay warm.

Stagnant water can be the breeding space for parasites during this season. You can prevent infection by keeping your pets away from puddles and standing water.

During monsoons, the activity of ticks and fleas may increase. Make sure you are deworming your pet on time.

If there is a risk of mosquito bites in your area, consult with a veterinary doctor for effective mosquito repellents for them.

If your pet gets wet from rain, dry them with a soft towel. Avoid drying them with a human blow dryer, as the sound of a hair dryer is not suitable for their health. Besides, the Hair dryer’s hot air might be too hot for your pet’s sensitive skin.

Things should be taken care of when It’s a hot sunny day-

Like humans, pets also need plenty of water intake to stay hydrated. Constantly fill the water bowls and try to place multiple water bowls in different places.

Do not take them outside in the midday heat. Instead, try to have a relaxing walk early in the morning or in the late evening.

Ensure the spaces are cool enough and comfortable where your pet takes shelter on a sunny day. It will help them avoid heat-related issues.

Check the floor of your yard or rooftop when you’re going for a walk. Check the temperature with your bare foot. If it’s hot to walk through then it would be hot enough for your pet’s paws too.

Keep an eye on your pet’s behavior. If they drool excessively, panting, or take rapid breaths, it might be a sign of heatstroke. If you suspect this, do not try to decrease the temperature with cold water. Instead, instantly take the pet to a cool place. Afterward, you may use a wet towel soaked with room-temperature water to wipe their paws, ears, and chest.

You can feed saline water if you suspect your pet is dehydrated. If any severe condition arises, visit a vet as soon as possible.

Decrease the playing time when it’s too hot, especially if you have short-nosed pets like brachycephalic breeds. They have heart-related issues due to their anatomy.

Your pet’s appetites can change with the weather. Observe their food intake and plan a dietary food treat for them.

In this unpredictable weather, we are struggling with heavy rains and steaming heat. But you and your pet can fight it together with a bit of extra care and effort.

Stay pawsitive and spread the love for both your pet and outdoor animals.