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China will always be a trustworthy on the journey of Bangladesh’s modernisation

China will always be a trustworthy neighbor, close friend and cooperative partner on the journey of Bangladesh’s modernisation.

“China will continue to encourage more Chinese enterprises to invest in Bangladesh and promote the steady and long-term development of China-Bangladesh economic and trade relations,” said Yan Hualong, Chargé D’affaires of Emabssy of China in Bangladesh.

Addressing at the opening ceremony of “The Belt and Road Initiative in Bangladesh Exhibition 2023” held at the Bangabandhu Bangladesh-China Friendship Exhibition Centre in Purbachal on Friday, he said that China-Bangladesh relations will surely reach a new height and open a new era of friendly cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

The year 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) that Bangladesh was the first among South Asian countries to join. The Chinese embassy in collaboration with the Bangladesh-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Chinese Enterprises Association in Bangladesh organised the event.

Yan Hualong said economic and trade cooperation has always been an important pillar of the China-Bangladesh strategic partnership. Since Bangladesh joined the Belt and Road Initiative, more and more Chinese companies have invested in Bangladesh.

Currently, he said there are more than 670 Chinese companies operating in Bangladesh. These companies, especially the exhibitors here today, are important driving force for China-Bangladesh economic and trade cooperation.

The companies promote more Chinese capital, Chinese technology, and Chinese standards to Bangladesh, providing impetus for the upgrading of Bangladesh’s industrial structure and long-term economic development, said the Chinese diplomat.
In his speech, Yan Hualong further said the Chinese companies in Bangladesh built infrastructures such as roads and bridges, laying solid foundation for Bangladesh’s economic development. “They participate in municipal water affairs, dealing with garbage and sewage, and improving the living standards of Bangladeshi people.”

The Chinese have invested in various power plants to ensure power supply in Bangladesh, and helped Bangladesh become the first country in South Asia with nationwide access to electricity and participated in the construction of the Bangladesh network and contributed to the construction of “Smart Bangladesh”.

“They are committed to promoting bilateral trade and make positive contributions to the Bangladesh’s import of raw materials sectors and export of finished products sector,” he added.

The exhibitors include 15 Chinese companies whose South Asian regional headquarters are in Bangladesh, nearly 20 other large Chinese companies that are deeply operating in the Bangladesh market, and several large Bangladeshi companies and banks.

During the exhibition, with the joint organization of BCCCI and CEAB, several seminars such as workshop with government departments, forum between China and Bangladesh enterprises, job fairs, and business meetings will also be held to ensure the positive outcome of the exhibition.