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Designer Sami Alam marks a significant milestone

The Bangladeshi fashion designer, Sami Alam, has recently achieved the feat of being featured in the official branding campaign of the Republic of France – “Make it Iconic. Choose France” – marking a significant milestone in his illustrious career as well as amplifying the voice of Bangladeshi designers in the French fashion scene.

Sami Alam’s recognition in the official branding campaign of the Republic of France is not just a personal achievement; it is a celebration of cultural diversity and a significant step toward a more inclusive global fashion industry. His recognition transcends the realms of fashion and becomes a symbol of cultural diplomacy.

“Being featured in the ‘Make it Iconic. Choose France’ campaign is probably the most prestigious event of my life as a Bangladeshi Designer,” Sami expresses. His words resonate with the depth of the achievement, acknowledging the rarity and honour of this recognition bestowed upon him.

The campaign’s ambassadors include footballer Kylian Mbappé, astronaut Thomas Pesquet, designer Philippe Starck, and world-renowned chef Mory Sacko. Sami Alam stands among them with a sense of honour. Reflecting on the broader impact, Sami sees this recognition as a landmark moment for Paris and Bangladeshi designers collectively. He envisions it as an open gateway not just for individual designers but for the entire fashion industry of Bangladesh.

“This recognition shows we can dream big and achieve bigger in the Fashion Industry. And I see myself telling stories of my enigma of both worlds through the colours, textiles, cuts and silhouettes,” adds Sami, indicating his optimism that extends beyond personal success and emphasises the potential for a transformative wave in the industry back home.

As a designer who sees himself influenced by both French and Bangladeshi culture, Sami considers his role akin to that of a translator – translating his emotions through the medium of fashion.

When asked, where the muse of his designs comes from, Sami replies, “The muse of my designs lies in the portrayal of Bangladeshi heritage in global fashion; I am on a consistent journey to infuse Bangladeshi essence into my creations. The French infusion in my designs comes from my Parisian experiences and a reflective journey with the French culture.”

This recognition illustrates Sami’s belief in the power of hard work, authenticity, and courage in life. It inspires him to stay true to his roots and maintain originality in his designs. So, what are the future aspirations for this talented designer?

Sami states, “I am not content with personal success alone. I believe collective exertion can create magic, which is why I would like to contribute to fashion education, workshops, projects, and exhibitions so that we can learn global ways to go global together.”

Previously, Sami Alam captivated us with his thought-provoking collection “Blood, Sweat and Tears” for his Master’s graduation at the International Fashion Academy (IFA) in Paris, France. He paid homage to the unsung heroes of the fashion industry, the labourers and workers whose efforts often go unnoticed.

In an era where the world is connected by threads of creativity, Sami’s success becomes a source of pride for the nation. Sami Alam is crafting a narrative that transcends geographical boundaries, bringing the elegance of Bangladeshi fashion to the forefront of the world stage.