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Dr Yunus’s statement regarding trial humiliating for country’s people: Anisul

Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anisul Huq today said that if a citizen breaks any law, the way he would have been brought to justice, Dr Muhammad Yunus’s trial is being held in the same way.

“But he (Yunus) is giving false statements, and these are humiliating for the people of Bangladesh,” the law minister told newsmen after coming out of a meeting with a delegation of the European Union (EU) at the ministry this noon.

Anisul, at the meeting, informed the EU delegation that the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has filed a case against Dr Muhammad Yunus which is currently under trial.

“I don’t want to talk about any under-trial case. There are a couple of tax evasion cases against him as well. Of these, he has to pay taxes after losing his legal battle at the Appellate Division. A case was filed under labour law for violating labourers’ rights, and he has been convicted and sentenced in the case already. Many cases remain pending against him,” the law minister told the meeting.

While replying to a question on the matters discussed at the meeting, Anisul said topics like Bangladesh’s labour act, artificial intelligence act, data protection act, cyber security act, the government’s opinion on a report filed by a team of the EU election commission, the Rohingya issue, and the anti-discrimination act were discussed in detail.

“They also wanted to know when the amended Labour Act will be passed. We said we want the end of the complaint filed against Bangladesh in the International Labor Court. We have done enough regarding the act amendment. So, I think the complaint issue should be ended,” he added.

Led by EU Delegation to Bangladesh Ambassador Charles Whiteley, the other members of EU delegation were- Human Capital Development team leader Jurate Smalskyte, Swedish Ambassador Alexandra Berg Von Linde, French Ambassador Marie Masdupuy, Italian Ambassador Antonio Alessandro, Kingdom of the Netherlands Ambassador Irma Van Dueren, Spanish Ambassador Gabriel Sistiaga and Denmark Embassy charge de affairs Anders B Karlsen.