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Flood waters recede in Moulvibazar, but heavy rain poses renewed threat

Photo : Children walk in an inundated street at Hakaluki in Moulvibazar on Tuesday, July 2, 2024.

Recent flood waters have receded slightly in Moulvibazar district, but heavy rain over the past two to three days has raised concerns that houses may be flooded again.

The water levels in the Kushiara and Juri rivers continue to rise, with the rivers flowing above their boundaries. If the heavy rains persist, there is a fear that the district’s 300,000 houses will face flooding once more.

Residents along the banks of Juri, Barlekha, Kulaura, Rajnagar, and Sadar upazilas are experiencing ongoing hardship.

The suffering of people in various areas is increasing in Bhati Shahpur village, located on the banks of Hakaluki Haor in Jaifarnagar union of Juri upazila.

Nitya Bishas and Helal Mia, residents of Shahganj village in Hakaluki Haor, reported: “Water has not yet receded from our homes and cowsheds. We are keeping the cows on the bridge and some are keeping them at home.”

They also mentioned significant damage to their homes. Some residents have built makeshift barriers using bamboo poles, while others have piled up debris to protect their properties. The main road leading to Shahganj Bazar remains submerged under four to five feet of water.

Mizanur Rahman, project implementation officer (PIO) of Juri upazila, said that 4,000 mud houses were damaged in the Haor area due to the flood. The water has not completely receded from these homes, and the extent of the damage will become clearer once the water subsides.

Abdur Rob, a resident of the Kawadighi Haor area in Rajnagar, said: “The water in Hakaluki Haor will not decrease until the Kushiara River recedes, and the flood situation will not fully improve.”

Javed Iqbal, executive engineer of the Moulvibazar Water Development Board, confirmed that heavy rains over the past two to three days have caused river water levels to rise. The Kushiara and Juri rivers are flowing over their boundary lines.

He noted that the Manu River at the Railway Bridge area is 7cm above the tidal limit, and the Manu River at Chandnighat point is 14cm above the tidal limit. The Dhalai River water is flowing 75cm below the danger level. The Kushiara River at Sherpur is 14cm above the tidal line, and the Juri River is 179cm above the danger level.