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Now direct flight from Osmani , refueling introduced

16After waiting of a long time, lots of sufferings and movements, the direct flight is going to start from Osmani International Airport on March 29, 2015. It is being possible, as the refueling station in the airport is now in operative. On Monday noon, it starts functioning by supplying fuel to two air craft as a testing case. It will formally start its journey on March 29, 2015 and MAG Osmani Airport will get its international form.
It was Tuesday 1-45 PM, a historic moment for Sylhet. It was also a time for Sylhetis to fulfill their dreams. The newly built refueling station supplied 800 and 740 litres fuel to the crafts of US Bangla Airlines and Novo Air respectively. Mentionable, since then MAG Osmani Int’l Airport was an international airport only by name. As there was no fuel supplying station, no international flight would land on this airport.

For this, the expats from this region would have to suffer a lot. It caused loss of their huge money and time. At last with the initiative of Finance and planning Minister MA Muhith, the construction of a refueling station named ‘Aviation Refueling Station’ started at TK 50 crore in 2012. Later the estimated cost was increased to aboutTK53 crore.
Padma Oil Company got work order of the construction via Incon Engineering Company of South Africa.