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TUSC candidates condemn Labour manifesto; join Fast Foods rights day of action for £10 min wage now

Hugo Pierre, Poplar and Limehouse:
‘When people in Tower Hamlets go to vote they will be looking for someone that’s on their side. Labour’s manifesto has shown they’re on the sides of the banks that caused the economic crisis, and they’re going to continue making the rest of us pay with a further £30 billion in cuts.
Labour’s pledge of £8 per hour minimum wage in 5 years is too little, too late. We need £10 now just to live in London!
‘Where was Labour’s commitment to council housing? TUSC would build 2,000 council homes a year in Tower Hamlets. The money is there. We just need a party to stand up for the 99% and finally we have one – TUSC.
‘If you want a real alternative to the ConDems this May, vote TUSC.’

Glyn Robbins, Bethnal Green and Bow:
‘New Labour’s manifesto will be a huge disappointment to anyone looking to the party to seriously challenge the Tory agenda of cuts and privatisation.  The Party is doomed to repeat the mistakes it made during thirteen years of government.  Despite the occasional radical soundbite, the underlying message is clear – business as usual.
‘On housing, Labour remains addicted to the profit-driven, developer-controlled model that has left 5 million people on waiting lists.  On the NHS, Labour still isn’t slamming the door on the privatisers.  On Trident, Labour is content to spend £billions on useless weapons of destruction, while saying they will continue to make cuts to public services and benefits.’

Fast Food Rights day of action Wed 15 April
Hugo and Glyn are supporting tomorrow’s Fast Food Rights campaign day of action, part of a global day of action for a living wage. They will be attending a local action outside Poplar college encouraging young people to join the union and join the campaign for £10 now:
12-2pm Poplar college, Poplar high St
Wednesday 15 April, 2015

TUSC’s five-point pledge:
1. End cuts and austerity. For a democratic socialist society run in the interests of the millions not the billionaires.
2. Trade union rights to fight low pay. £10 an hour minimum wage now, scrap zero hour contracts.
3. A mass council home building programme and immediate introduction of rent controls.
4. Scrap student fees. Free education as a right for all.
5. For democratic public ownership of our NHS, railways, public services, utilities and banks