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Mirpur Union Welfare Trust UK

58Mirpur Union Welfare Trust held a special general meeting on 28th of April 2015 at the Micro Business Centre. The meeting was chaired by Chairperson Md Alhaj master Amir Uddin Ahmed and conducted by general secretary Md Angur Ali. The meeting started with

recitation of the Quran by Mowlana Helal Uddin Ahmed. After the welcome speech by the Chairperson, speeches were made by Abdul Ali Rouf, Nor Boksh, Aklis Miah, Muktar Miah,

Abul Kalam Azad, Ali Akkas, Tokoddus Ali, Shisu Miah, Juber Miah, Muzakkir Hussain, Afjal Hussain, Kamal Hussain, Hussain Ahmed, Shahab Uddin, Numan Ahmed, Monsur Miah,

Mahmud Miah and Akram Hussain. Various points of the constitution were discussed and approved unanimously. It was decided that an Iftar Mahfil will be held in the forthcoming Ramadan and the Trust would organise an achievement award gathering for the students in

the United Kingdom and as well as Bangladesh. It was also decided that the founder trusteeship will stay open until we reach five hundred trustees. Thereafter, permanent

trusteeship shall remain open. Fees are £200.00. Finally it was decided that we should work hard to bring people from every village to be members of our Trust.