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Local people join iftar mahfil of Camden Surma Centre

24Bengali Workers’ Union and Camden Surma Centre jointly organised a discussion meeting on the significance of Ramadan which was followed by an iftar mahfil. The event took place on the 28th of june at the hall room of Surma centre in north London. Chairman of Surma centre Abdus Samad chaired the meeting while the director of the centre Moksud Hussain was conducting the event. Ex leader of Camden council Councillor Nasim Ali, director of Surma centre Zaker Ahmod, Shawkat Ahmod, Rahel Box, Abdul Karim, Rubina Ahmod, Cambridge graduate Moinul Haque were among the guests who joined the gathering. Leaders of Surma centre discussed about the on-going projects of the centre. Chairman of Surma centre sought co-operation from everybody in running the centre. Muhammad Hamza recited verses from the holy Quran and Imam of Shah Jalal mosque Sabbir Ahmod conducted the dua mahfil.