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Rare heart tumour removed in Apollo Hospitals Dhaka

14Doctors removed a huge rare heart (Cardiac) tumour successfully from an 18-year old boy’s heart recently in the capital’s Apollo Hospitals.
The 38.30 cubic centimeters (4.2 x 3.8 x 2.4 cm) tumour was attached to the right ventricle and encroaching through right ventricular  outflow tract into the pulmonary valve orifice.
This complicated surgery was performed by the Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Sohail Ahmed.
A 18 year old boy came to Apollo Hospitals who presented with respiratory distress, fatigue and palpitation for last 2 months.
He was examined by the Surgeon thoroughly. Patient’s echo showed a big mobile tumour occupying RVOT and extending upto main PA bifurcation. Cardiac MRI also showed huge cardiac tumour from right ventricle.
Removal of the toumour was successfully done and patient was discharged from hospital without any complications on 7th post-operative day.