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Yunus Social Business Japan to be launched soon

46A group of Japanese entrepreneurs will set up Yunus Social Business Japan, a company dedicated to creating social businesses in Japan and outside of Japan, as a part of global network of Yunus Social Business companies around the world.

Professor Yunus attended a meeting of the members of the board Tomoni Corporation, a social business company established by the young Japanese entrepreneurs, said a press release of Yunus Centre, UNB reports.

Headquarter of this network of social business companies is located in Frankfurt, Germany.

After discussion with the young entrepreneurs it was decided that a signing ceremony with the parent company for launching Yunus Social Business Japan will be held in Berlin at the Global Social Business Summit on Nov 4-6.

CEO and the top executives of Japan International Cooperation Foundation met Professor Yunus to work out the conceptual framework of a joint venture agricultural company with Yunus Social Business Uganda, in line with agricultural joint venture with Yunus Social Business Colombia with McCain of Canada, a giant global company specializing in processing of potato.

On the same day Prof Yunus attended, as Chief Guest, the YY (Yunus and Youth) Social Business Design Contest 2015 held in Roppongi, Tokyo, organized by Yunus and Shiiki Social Business Research Centre at Kyushu University.

This is the fourth year of this annual contest. Eight top projects were presented at a gathering of over 100 faculty members, business leaders and students. Winning teams in each category were given trophies, and scholarships to attend Global Social Business Summit in Berlin.

Professor Yunus also attended a meeting of Social Business Academia Chapter of Japan and updated 32 academics from various universities of Japan on the development of the network of academics who are teaching, or involved in research in social business. A conference of the academia network will take place in Berlin on November 3-4 prior to Global Social Business Summit at the same venue.