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Muslims and non Muslims unite for community peace vigil : Respects paid for Istanbul and Brussels

1Emdad Rahman :

In light of the atrocities committed in Istanbul and Belgium, Citizens UK, Darul Ummah, St Georges in the East and St Mary’s Cable Street joined other community groups and individuals to hold a peace vigil.

The short service, which included different faiths took place at Watney Market Square during lunchtime and included speeches from community representatives and a minutes silence in remembrance of the lives lost to the recent acts of terrorism in Brussels and Istanbul.

Neil Jameson from Citizens UK said: “I’m from Stepney. This is my community and these are my neighbours. We stand strong in solidarity with them and continue our efforts for unity and peace.”

Hasan Mueenuddin from Darul Ummah said: “In a week where many lives have been tragically lost due to the actions of a wholly misguided minority, it is of great comfort to know that together we share the same vision and together we condemn the very individuals who threaten to divide us. Our prayers are with the victims of all such atrocities and we pray for peace.”

Tim Clapton from St Georges read a prayer. He added: “Let us stand together and contemplate. Let us approach a stranger amongst us here today, let us introduce ourselves and share the good that we do. Let us increase our awareness and understanding of each other.” This followed a few minutes whereby the attendees dispersed and introduced themselves to a stranger.

Imam Abu Sayeed, the Ameer of Dawatul Islam UK & Eire concluded: “We are a fragile race, we are an emotional race but united we are strong. We unequivocally condemn the recent attacks on innocents and we pray for peace on earth. I am heartened to see the support we have here today.

Others who attended in support were Angus Ritchie, St Georges, E1 community church

st Mary’s cable Street, Our Lady of the Assumption, St Peters, Citizens UK, Shadwell Mosque, St Pauls Shadwell, and Shadwell TRA.