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Annual Dinner of Conservative Friends of Bangladesh held


Conservative Friends of Bangladesh organised its annual dinner and award giving ceremony on 17th of July in a hotel in Kensington.  A number of British MPs and senior party leaders took part in the dinner. While addressing the audience, the MPs told that there will be MPs of Bangladeshi origin from Conservative Party in near future. A number of Conservative leaders and activists took part in the dinner from different cities of the UK.

In regards to MPs from Conservative Party of Bangladeshi origin, the MPs stressed that, there were many people in that dinner who were capable to lead and hence the party will soon see MPs of Bangladeshi origin.

On Brexit issue, Pension Minister  Guy Opperman said that UK will come out of the EU and Brexit will happen as people have voted for it.  He also mentioned that after Brexit, UK will have more close trade relation with Bangladesh.

Guests who addressed the audience included Leader of House of Commons Andrea Leadsom, Chairman of Foreign Office Select Committee Tom Tugendhat, Vice-chairman of Conservative Party Helen Grant,  Ann Main MP, Paul Scully MP, Robert Courts MP, Bob Blackman MP, Amjad Bashir MP, Charles Tannock MP, GLE leader Grant Bakon, Cllr Tony Deninish, Keith Prince and other.


Ministers, MPs and leaders of the Conservative Party handed in awards to members, leaders and activists for theirs success and contribution.  Senior leaders of conservative party praised highly of the activists of Bangladeshi origin and wished their success.

The speakers mentioned that Friends of Bangladesh has been operating throughout the UK with its 30 branches.  The organisation organised more than two hundred campaign meetings for 2017  General Election.  The organisation has also organised significant number of meetings and campaigns for last three General and Mayor Elections in the country.  Conservative leader Mukim Ahmed received Lifetime Achievement award for his extra ordinary contribution in Conservative Party.

Other leaders who were present at the event included Chairman of Conservative Friends of Bangladesh and former Councillor Mehfuz Ahmed, Deputy Chair Abdus Hamid, Vice-chairman Parveen Hossain, Anjanara Haque, Secretary Naz Islam, Treasurer Sujit Shen, Executive Officer Dewan Mehdi, Askir Ali, Hasan Ali Imam, Selim Chowdhury, Imran Ahmed Chowdhury, Nasima Khatun, Honorary Vice-president Mukim Ahmed, Bajlur Rashid MBE, Rafat Khan, Enam Haque Chowdhury, Misbah Uddin, Shahgir Bhakht Faruq, Syed Shahin Hossain, Abdus Samad  and others.

Honorary Vice-president Enamul Haque Chowdhury, Moynur Chowdhury, Naj Islam, Faruk Miah, SMS Ajam and Ash Jamal addressed the audience on behalf of the organisation.