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Climate- health effect, our duty and faith

Fatema Miah:


I have come to Recognise what was the  concern that the  relationship between climate change and health, as well as the associated themes and trends are linking climate change to public health and suffering, that’s is prominent and constantly in rise, therefore action must be taken to educate public about public health.  There are  key cobtributors to climate change we talked about often.   For awareness we must share our understanding  how they are changing climate in ways that causing  impact on public health and we must  identify our own role as a climate change campaigner/activist and the ways to overcome personal, social, political or organisational barriers to change.

We must explore, collect and review the continuously emerging and publicly available data on climate change/health and understand the nature of complex problems resulting from interconnected social, political, and climate change issues are the health challenges associated with these problems. We must come to  Understand how climate models are used to evidence climate change and associated health impact  articulate key public health concepts related to climate change and describe how climate change is likely to exacerbate existing problems of social and health inequality.

After understanding the climate models and health issues, we have Evaluated the impact of implementing a specific action (locally, regionally, nationally, internationally) on a specific health indicator and we have created action plans to put in place for positive effect and suggest to change further to insight to suit the desired sort solution.  (e.g. from data and collaboration), to groups and communities.

I strongly believe we here in UK, on the local base,  must educate give session lessons to communities, the diversity/ethnicity living in UK are linked to abroad. Its evident that Women of certain communities are too ignorant and unappreciative of prospects having been facilitated including  all medical care and much more than their fellow types in abroad, and they  aren’t acknowledging let alone to be  thankful. Most are lazy and extravagant in cultural unhealthy types of diets and moaning constantly for self caused ill health caused by own greediness. They must be educated and taught how unappreciative they are. They also are acting against their faith blindly being ignorants and unappreciative.

91 percent of population according to report shown are living in environment with excessive air pollution contributing to health issues like stroke, heart disease, and lung cancer as well as respiratory illness like asthma and bronchitis.  To tackle the issue to reduce the pollution as well as government must take vast action to promote safe transportation the public also must abide to  the policy to make it work for better. Food is a major issue too. People must aim to produce some own veg, cut down on meat consumption and eat healthy diet.

Deforestation is a major issue though not general public can do much about it, in UK or from UK. It’s certain companies  are responsible, and public been aware can voice against the actions. However we can minimise a fraction  by being a little considerate. 20 percent of manmade carbondioxide also contributing to global warming, the warming atmosphere leading deforestation also and wild fire is as an example.

The water polution we all must  take step about to not to pollute out water by watching out waste;  Plastic, oil and some washing up detergents going into sea to ocean and killing the coral reefs and bleaching the scally shells and poisoning our water and environment.  Please do not spil oil in the house drainage; do not pour into sink or through pipeline. Please do not use biological detergent in washing. I have been using non- biological for past few decades for my family and always had best result as lasting quality of material and enjoyed the materials lasting soft and gentility comfort.

Plan good essential food as sufficient amount instead of unplanned non-stop -as much as wished amount at any time.  Shopping bags must be reused and bags and bottles must be recycled. Plastics do not decay for thousands of years and accumulated tons are flying around, floating around, releasing toxic gas causing by heat and killing species in fly and under water.

We certainly can be watchful of our energy use. Our travelling, we can plan and cut out unnecessarily trips in single car and frequent  air travel for pleasure.  Our daily electricity use, think can we sort alternative, dress up with heating down or off not dress down with heating up, plan  cooking  to prevent multiple use of oven, hob and specially the kettle. In cities and towns public transport are well facilitated and the best option instead of taxi.

Smoking is the worse health effect, emits highest volume of carbondioxide and it is cancerous.  Seek Smoking free zone. Quit smoking to help the people and other species specially the children are worse effected by smoking and triggers to respiratory condition.

I have written in one of  recent articles about Fatwa and environment, ecology and diversity.  What we haven’t been talked about it is our faith, in Quran and Hadith it ordered us not to contribute to destruction and suffering to environment and species.  Contrary, the environment care is also our duty. Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com