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Is it just matter of winning an arguement?   


Fatema Miah:


In reply to comments about Islam and how Muslim seem to behave very odd and annoying, the topic raised by western people. I replied;  There are full of rigid mentally sick minded beings in Asian communities are claiming Muslims, those  forced into Islam unconsciously by their fellow families or community or even forced  themselves, it seems to be they stand in to defeat others (and self defeat) to defend themselves to win,  where there is no war to win.  May be have a look back  to my years old article Niqab.

Unnecessarily in conflict of thoughts and contrary are acting against Islam and fighting to imply Islam and failing in the most important must duty of mannerisms. There are most of them in conflict of belittling each others. Ramadan, even in the long summer fast performed by people without acting to prove anything to anyone and there are others, doth protest too much and on quest to be faulting others. Those in err instead of self correction purification, are busy looking for faults in others or falsely make up assumption to faulting. They are faulty themselves. Ramadan isn’t a law it’s a faith practice which is spiritual aspect. Spirituality can’t be forced into one.

It’s matter of faith connecting to individuals inner self . Fasting definitely isn’t government matter. British Empire rightly or wrongly reformed that way on rituals.  When it comes to charity Zakath, I do agree about charity  Zakat to be legalised by government, (as it is in some countries)  for social / society benefit and justice because then poor gets to have some benefit from the rich.

On the other hand, some westerners are too tunnel focus against Islam not against manipulative people.  Here come a comment from British disabled women, on reading my year old article Human rights and trivialsm, about Iranian and Saudi women  to watch football match and our British fighting for it, when there are other genuine life threatening cases of women being stoned to, hanged to death and lashes ordered.  A

Reader (white British disabled woman) replied, “That’s an interesting article, although I don’t agree with the author. Many human rights organisations do protest against the major problems she mentions. However I think that “trivial” matters like allowing women to attend football matches would help more men to see them as fellow human beings rather than objects of desire.”

I replied back, Desire can be in its place dealt separately not as urgency.  Human right activism isn’t to make or let people go to watch football. They can do petition and voice their desire. You don’t see the life threatening matter and killing unnecessarily as prime human right factor?  And  I added, Let them deal with their men for their football desire. Our concern is killing not to be taken place.

I further added, I have seen through thick and thin and in UK, and from UK we see entire earth and best angle clear picture. Abuse  is a big issue we must understand to be fair. There is abuse of everything. More of my articles out there goes back to years, on different topic matter and genre and time orientation.

I continued, Why should we jump in to fight for their any desire eg watching football match? Have you seen a single case raised by them for right of workers, those are treated inhumane worse than slaves. They are selfish. Those women abusing and getting foreign workers tortured by their men and they come to us crying to watch football like toddlers. No. When women are allowed to be stoned to death by  husband there these women let alone to voice against it by giving evidence rather they support the humiliating death. Why should we support them?

She further replied, “As I said earlier, yes there are NGOs and charities fighting against all kinds of injustice in many different countries, and I have seen appeals for financial or other help to fight for workers’ conditions in many countries, to support female victims of violence, to protest against death sentences etc. I personally wish that women everywhere have the same human rights as women in the UK, which for me includes being able to play football and attend matches. Any support I give groups for that will be as well as, not instead of, supporting other causes. If you don’t agree with the aims of one charity you are free to give to others.”

I cannot believe how narrow scope and adamant people can be, support women to football with same strenght or more over life threaghning issues because Women of Muslim country  to be pushed out in open.  We have problem in our human right activism intention. I then replied; Who said not to support, I am talking about severity priority. And against manipulative minds those seek support for their desire while abusing others and, ignoring abuses.

I  in defence of my advocacy illustrated,  uk women do not go to football leaving slaves at home being abused and under oppression to do ten people’s work by one individual who they make to starving on less than half a meal.  Those women seeking support to go to football while abuse poor workers enslaved,  they can have freedom to approach UK human right for their football desire, though, those workers can’t ask for an extra piece of bread to them.

I further continued, you and I aren’t physically well and so we understand physical pain and suffering.  We are living within boundary and here in UK itself disability discrimination is you know well. We tolerate, consider and appreciate.

Now, she doesn’t have an answer about British womens hobby and desires, and disability equality. It’s not about matter of winning an arguement, it’s about fair, respect, acceptance, balance and understanding. Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com