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Key data shows consistent growth in Bangladesh: Uber

Ridesharing company Uber has said key data has shown its consistent growth in Bangladesh.

The company Monday released its annual analysis, which highlighted the completion of 150 million kilometres in trips during 2022, marking Uber’s expansion to all eight divisions. In 2022, Uber’s services spanned 20 cities spread across the divisions, reports UNB.

Dhaka was the busiest city in the country with the most late-night trips (10pm to 6am) and the most office-hour trips (7am to 11am and 4pm to 8pm), Uber said. “Riders in Bangladesh booked most of their trips between 2pm and 6pm.”

“In partnership with police, Uber trained driver partners to raise awareness about traffic rules and regulations,” the company also said.

“The first round of training was conducted by two officials from police and a representative from Uber, where drivers were educated about road safety, traffic rules and regulations, trip cancellations, offline trips, and cash cherry-picking.”