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In memory of the late Gholam Rabbani Chowdhury, a mourning and prayer ceremony was held in London



Bangla Mirror desk  :

Former teacher of Nayabandar Dwmukhi High School College of Jagannathpur Upazila of Sunamganj district, prominent storyteller, veteran journalist, recently deceased Golam Rabbani Chowdhury was held in London in memory of the funeral and doa mahfil.
On Sunday (June 11, 2023), a large number of students of DeMuki High School living in the UK attended a mourning and doa mahfil in a hall in East London under the chairmanship of ex-student and community figure Jilu Miah and Ex-Professor Mohammad Rafiq Ahmad and Former Principal Muhammed Shahed Rahman.
took part. Poet Amirul Islam Sadiq,
former teacher Arbab Kamali, poet Khalil Ahmad, Anhar Chowdhury, Manik Mia Kamali, former UP member Syed Ishaq Ali, Abdul Hannan Michael, Ronak Ahmad, Fazlur Rahman Chowdhury and Rajiv Khan and others.
Speakers in this funeral said, we do not appreciate the quality of virtuous people during their lifetime. I remember when I die. This has become a common practice in our society. We have to get out of this practice.
I could not give due respect to former teacher, late Golam Rabbani Chowdhury during his lifetime. This is our failure. We should learn from this. Virtues should be respected. If the virtuous are not respected, the virtuous will not be born in the society.
Those who seek knowledge and help in the pursuit of knowledge are the real wise and virtuous.
Late Gholam Rabbani Chowdhury was one such genius, fair-minded person, journalist and storyteller.
The speakers called for the publication of the unpublished books of late writer Golam Rabbani Chowdhury.
At the end of the program, a prayer was held for the soul of late writer and teacher Golam Rabbani Chowdhury.
The prayer ceremony was attended by Abdul Haque Kabiri, Jahangir Kamali, Shah Dabir Kamali, Apel Kamali, Abdur Rab, Abdur Rashid, Ratan Kamali, Golab Mia, Abdus Salam Kamali, Anwarul Haque Chowdhury, Abu Taher, Chana Mia and many others were present. .
Fazlur Rahman Chowdhury recited from the Holy Quran at the beginning of this funeral.
Poet Khalil Ahmad recited a poem written in memory of late teacher Golam Rabbani Chowdhury.