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New declaration coming from Dhaka rally on July 12: Fakhrul

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has alleged that the ruling Awami League is trying to go to power again like 2018 making people fool.

He was speaking as the chief guest at a massive rally of youth of Sylhet division at Government Alia Madrasa ground in Sylhet city on Sunday (July 9, 2023) afternoon.

Jubo Dal, Swecchasebak Dal and Chhatra Dal jointly organised the rally where the central and local leaders of these three organisations spoke.

Mirza Fakhrul said BNP and other opposition parties now want nothing but resignation of Sheikh Hasina-led government.

“The government must resign from power and the next election must be held under a non-party government. The parliament must be dissolved and a new Election Commission will have to be formed. We will announce a new declaration from Dhaka on July 12 next in this regard. This declaration will add a new dimension to the anti-government movement. We all have to take to the street after this declaration,” he said.

The BNP leader said there are false cases pending against 40 lakh people of BNP and its front organisations. “We will also have to free our leader Begum Khaleda Zia from house arrest,” he said.

Missing BNP’s central organising secretary Ilyas Ali’s wife Tahsina Rushdir Luna spoke at the rally as special guest.

She alleged that Sheikh Hasina-led Awami League government abducted her husband on April 17, 2012. Ilyas Ali became the victim of forced disappearance as he tried to organise Sylhet dwellers against India’s Tipaimukh Dam in Mizoram state that creates an adverse effect on agriculture and fisheries in Bangladesh.

Tahsina Rushdir Luna said those who were very skilled and efficient in BNP and its front organisations were made the victims of enforced disappearance.

“Awami League held elections resorting to enforced disappearance dramas. They abducted leaders and workers of BNP and its sister organisations one after another. Now, we are known as the members of enforced disappearance families to the people of Bangladesh. We can’t express how much painful and shameful it is,” she said.

Luna said: “My mother-in-law lives at her home alone. She waits eagerly when her son will come back to her lap. If any event is arranged at home, she waits for her son. Now, my children have grown up. They can’t answer if someone asks them what do their father do.”

“You, and only you can bring down this illegal and autocratic government from power. I firmly believe that the fall of this illegal government is imminent. Fall of autocrat Sheikh Hasina is inevitable. We expect that advent of a new dawn is imminent in Bangladesh’s state power,” she said.

With Swecchasebak Dal’s central president SM Jilani in the chair, the rally was also addressed by the central and local leaders of BNP and its front organisations.