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Virologists stress vaccination against dengue

Virology experts have spoken on the need for importing dengue vaccines and administering those to people to build a shield against surge in the mosquito borne disease and fatalities.

There are two types dengue vaccine available in the world getting approval by 20 countries. Effectiveness of the vaccines is over 80 percent.

Around 90 percent of the vaccinated people need not hospitalisation if tested dengue positive.

Society for Medical Virologists urged the government authorities concerned to take immediate measure for anti-dengue inoculation.

They came up with the suggestion in a discussion meeting titled “Outbreak of Dengue Fever and Our Responsibility” held at Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) on Wednesday.

During the meeting, all virologists including leaders of Society For Medical Virologists were present.

Prof Dr Kazi Zulfikar Mamun, President of Society For Medical Virologists, presided over the meeting.