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Mahmud us Samad Chowdhury is a role model for expatriates – High Commissioner H.E  Saida Muna Tasneem

Muhammed Shahed Rahman :

In memory of Mahmud Us Samad Chowdhury, a rare man born in a rare moment, High Commissioner H.E  Saida Muna Tasneem said, Mahmud Us Samad Chowdhury is a politician, a social worker, a prominent community figure for expatriates Be a model.
Channel S Chairman Ahmed Us Samad Chowdhury JP presided over the publication of this memorial book in a hall in East London on Friday (1 September 2023) afternoon in the presence of community dignitaries. Channel S pageant Munira Parveen and Farhan Masood conducted the program.
Mahmud us Samad unveiled the cover of the book in the hearts of the guests present.
Later, the chief guest was the Honorable Information and Broadcasting Minister of the Government of Bangladesh. Hasan Mahmud gave a video message.
Minister in the video message. Dr Hasan Mahmud said, Mahmud Us Samad spent a large part of his life in Britain, studied, established business, returned to Bangladesh and worked for the people wholeheartedly, and did a lot of development activities.
He became a member of Parliament three times and got the love of the people. When he was at the height of his popularity, he died due to corona. He is gone, but his relatives, the well-wishers, continue to carry the memory.
United Kingdom Awami League President Sultan Mahmud Sharif, Secretary Syed Shajidur Rahman Farooq, Mayor of Salisbury Councilor Atiqul Hoque, Mayor of Councilor Jyotsna Islam, Member of the House of Lords Baroness Pola Uddin, High Commissioner of Bangladesh to the UK H.E  Saida Muna Tasneem spoke as guests.
In the publication of the memorial book in memory of Mahmud Us Samad Chowdhury, the former Member of Parliament of Sylhet 3 Constituency, the speakers said – Today’s event is like peace, yet joy, yet eternity wakes up, there is sorrow, there is death, sorrow is borne.
Mahmud us Samad Chowdhury went to help the people and got infected and breathed his last. He is not among us but his beautiful works will remain in the hearts of people forever with people’s love.
At the end of the meeting, many distinguished people from the community paid their respects to the memory of Mahmud Us Samad Chowdhury and prayed for the forgiveness of his soul.