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The world oldest and largest gold nugget was found underground in Great Britain


Matiar Chowdhury:


The world largest and oldest gold nugget was found

underground in Great Britain. It was recently found in a village in Shropshire

England. It is the largest gold nugget ever found in the United Kingdom of Great

Britain. Richard Brock has been detecting metal objects for the past 35 years. He is

the one who found this gold nugget.

The incident happened in May last year. Brock 67 traveled three-and-a-half hours

from his Somerset home to the Shropshire hills. A farm was being dug for treasure.

But Brock;s arrival at the farm was delayed. His metal detector kit was also

damaged. In such a situation Brock started experimenting with an old device that

was also not working properly. But in the end Brock identified the gold nugget with a

faulty instrument. "I actually arrived an hour late,& quot; said Brock, a specialist in surgery.

I thought I could not participate in the work. Brock also said that everyone there had

state-of-the-art equipment. And he had three old instruments. The display of the

identification device Brock worked with was blurry.

At first Brock identified a few rusted tent poles. After only 20 minutes, a gold nugget

weighing 64.8 grams came out from under the ground. It was about 13-15 cm deep

in the soil. The recovered gold nugget has been named the Hero's Nugget. It is now

planned to be auctioned.

It is expected to sell for at least £30,000 at auction. Brock said, "The machine I used

is not very useful." Some kind of push can get the job done. But Brock thinks the

incident proves that it doesn't matter what tool is used. If one is careful while walking

on the ground and understands what is hidden under the ground, great things can