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Sikhs rally in London demanding 84 Punjab Genocide trials and independent Khalistan state at the International Court of Justice

By Matiar Chowdhury:


On the 40th anniversary of the Punjab Genocide and the demand for an independent state of Khalistan, Indian  Sikhs held a protest rally in London on Sunday, June 16, 2024. The rally was called by several Sikh organizations including the World Sikh Parliament.

6/7 thousand Sikhs from different cities of England including men and women of all ages participated in the rally. Although the rally was supposed to start at 12 noon, Sikhs from Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Derby and other cities gathered in London’s Hyde Park from early morning.

Gatherings and prayers are held here. After this, the Sikhs marched from Hyde Park to London’s Trafalgar Square with an hour-long rally. The rally was also held here. Organizations organizing the rally included Sikhs for Justice, World Sikh Parliament, Sikh Federation UK, Sikh Youth Service UK, Sikh Association UK, Khalistan Movement, World Sikh Women’s Forum.

Although the rallyists did not carry the banner of any organization, the rallyists carried the banner of Punjab Genocide and Khalistan National Flag in their hands. Meanwhile, they distributed leaflets containing their demands. World Sikh Parliament leader Surander Singh, Him Pal Singh of Sikh Association, Ranjit Singh of Sikhs for Justice, Vikram Singh and others addressed the rally.

The speakers said that the way the Indian government is killing and torturing the Sikhs is comparable to medieval barbarism. Persecution has been going on for ages, Sikhs have been deprived of their rights. Sikhs are not safe abroad either, Indian intelligence is killing Sikh leaders abroad. Millions of Sikhs have been killed so far. Countless Sikhs have been arrested on false charges. A million Sikhs have fled the country and sought refuge elsewhere.

At the time of the partition of India, it was said that the Sikhs would be given independent rule. The Government of India did not. That is why we have become vocal in demanding our freedom and justice for genocide. We want to try all the genocides since 1984 in the international court.We appeal to the world conscience and international human rights organizations, including the United Nations, to stand by the Sikhs.

During this Sikhs-Khalistan chanted slogans such as Zindabad, India Out, We Want Jastries, etc. The rally ended at 5 pm with the declaration that we will not return home until Khalistan is freed from Indian control.