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Govt can change, modify, increase or decrease quota if needed: HC

The High Court has published the main portion of its judgment declaring the circular illegal after cancelling the freedom fighter quota in government services in 2018.

The main portion of the ruling was delivered on Thursday by a bench comprising Justice KM Kamrul Kader and Justice Khizir Hayat.

The court’s decision declared the circular invalid, but it said the government retains the right to change, modify, increase and decrease the quota if it deems necessary.

The ruling clarified that if no suitable candidates are found within the quota, or if positions remain vacant, those can be filled up from the general merit lists.

A High Court division bench of Justice KM Kamrul Kader and Justice Khizir Hayat pronounced the judgment on June 5, which pavedg the way for reinstating quota in government service.

University students across the country began protesting against the quota system in government jobs for over a week following the High Court order.

The government in 2018 through a circular said direct recruitment in all government jobs in 9th grade (old first class) and from 10th to 13th grades (old second class) will be completely based on merit, abolishing the existing quota system.

However, the judgement has no efficacy, because, the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court on Wednesday (July 10) issued a four weeks’ status quo on the High Court judgement regarding the quota in government jobs, asking the protesting students to return to their classes and attend their examinations.

After publishing of the full judgement, a hearing is scheduled to take place at the Appellate Division on August 7. Then the country’s highest court will give its final decision in this regard. Till then the circular issued by the executive branch of the government will remain in force where the quota has been cancelled.

Students’ one-point demand for amendment to quota system

The students agitating to abolish the quota in government jobs have demanded amendment to the quota system cancelling all kinds of irrational and discriminatory quotas in all grades of government jobs and allocating minimum quota for disadvantaged group of people mentioned in the constitution.