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Taste tour on a budget: An ode to our street foods

What’s a better way to acquaint yourself with your country’s culture than by going on a walk down the streets and devouring the various food items being sold there?


Consisting of a hollow crispy shell, which is filled with mashed potatoes mixed with chat masala, green chillies and onions. It is then topped off with grated egg whites of hard-boiled eggs, cucumber and limes as garnish. Each plate comes with flavoured tamarind water, and the sudden explosion of sweet, sour and spicy flavours will leave you mesmerized. Doi fuchka on the other hand incorporates yogurt into the same filling.


A popular snack on the streets of Bangladesh is the Mughlai paratha. It is the affordable version of Panera bread from the American bakery chain. A pan-fried flatbread with an egg and chilli mixture at its centre, the surface of the bread has a crispy texture. Often, the centre filling also consists of keema which the meat lovers absolutely dig.


Made of a basic pastry shell that is fried, the inside may be filled with mashed potatoes, diced onions, peas and lentils. An alternative filling to the vegetarian combination is sliced liver, beef or chicken. Samosas are shaped in a triangle and served with chutney. The texture is dependent on the quality of the dough but when served hot, it is quite crispy.


Adopted from the Mughlai cuisine, it is another type of flatbread. Unlike Mughlai paratha, this one is rather sweet. It can be seen hanging from the inside of a tandoor. Primarily made of flour, it contains molasses soaked in saffron and then doused in ghee.

Bizarre food combinations that you might loveBizarre food combinations that you might love


There are a wide range of pithas to choose from, which are increasingly sold during the colder months. There is the Bhapa pitha which consists of a centre filling of molasses, the Chitoi pitha which is served with shutki bhorta, mustard paste or chilli onion paste, Aamdosha and Patishapta. Most are often spherical in shape.

Roasted nuts

Locally known as badam bhaja. You will find these in almost every corner of a street and they are roasted in front of you. It is sold in small vans with a concoction that is mainly composed of peanuts, chickpeas and numerous other types of beans.

Dal puri

Masoor dal is used in the preparation of this round shaped snack, and it has a deceptive simple appearance. However, it is very tasty especially when served piping hot.

Malai cha

A sweet tea concoction that can be found on almost every tea stand; it is a favourite amongst regular tea drinkers. Malai is a type of cream made by heating milk until a thick layer of cream forms on the top. This cream is then utilized and it adds a rich creamy consistency to the tea.


A mixture of rice puffs with Bombay mix or chanachur, onions, chillies, tomatoes, cucumbers and peanuts topped with a squeeze of lemon. Bursting with various flavours on your tongue, this is a snack that will be prepared in front of you in a matter of seconds.

Bangladeshi cuisine is a gastronomic journey varying from aromatic rice dishes and succulent curries to mouthwatering sweets. Spices are often referred to as the heart and soul of our dishes, as they are blended to create the perfect balance of flavours to present a dish worth writing poetry for.