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TUSC supports save BPAS campaign

35Tower Hamlets TUSC supports the campaign to save the Bangladeshi Parent Advisory Service. Our candidates sent messages of support to yesterday’s march:

Glyn Robbins, Bethnal Green and Bow:
‘This campaign has the 100% support of TUSC.  It is disgusting that this vital service is under threat, but it’s indicative of the wider threat to our NHS.  Good health is not just about medicine.  It’s about well-being and understanding, exactly the kind of things the BPA does.’

Hugo Pierre, Poplar & Limehouse:
I am happy to give my full support to your campaign to save this service.
The cuts to NHS budgets are affecting not only patient care but also services that affect the most vulnerable in society. Support and guidance services are essential for families dealing with disability of their children. Advocacy services and independent advice are enshrined in legislation, but these are the first options to cut when Health Services face budget deficits.
I fully support your campaign and will do whatever I can to support this service continuing for Bangladeshi children and their parents.