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Hillary heads to New Hampshire after Iowa kickoff

61Hillary heads to New Hampshire after Iowa kickoff

US presidential contender Hillary Clinton will visit the key primary election state of New Hampshire early next week, after her first presidential election trip this week.

The former first lady and secretary of state — now the clear frontrunner for the Democratic Party presidential ticket — will meet with students, teachers and small business employees, he campaign team said Thursday.

This means the tour of the northeastern US state will be similar to one Clinton made through Iowa this week to formally kick off her campaign.

During Clinton’s swing through New Hampshire, the 67-year-old will also meet privately with the state’s elected officials and group leaders.

Iowa and New Hampshire are the first states to hold preliminary elections within the country’s two major parties to determine the two main challengers to contend for the White House.

Results in the states can set the tone for the rest of a candidate’s campaign.

During the 2008 Democratic primary — that would eventually be won by current president Barack Obama — the former first lady lost badly to Obama in Iowa before turning the tide a few days later in New Hampshire.

This time around, there is so far no serious rival to Clinton among the Democrats.

After announcing her candidacy Sunday, Clinton made an effort to reach out to small-town Americans, starting her US tour with a van ride to Iowa from New York.

If she wins the Democratic primary and the eventual national election Clinton would become the first woman president in the history of the US in January 2017.