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Fish prices soaring in Sylhet

57Prices of fish have gone up in the Sylhet city’s kitchen markets on Sunday the 2nd day of the week. The traders blamed short supply of fish due to seasonal rain and increasing flow of water in rivers, canals and other water bodies.
A Haque, a retired government official said, he paid Tk 350 for 500 grams of naturally grown climbing fish (koi) on Sunday. As the price was higher than ever before, he had to cut short his requirement under duress.Of the other fishes,  Puti was selling at Tk 250 per kg, live puti at Tk400 per kg,  Kholisa at Tk 300, Chapila at Tk 400, cultivated koi at Tk 200, Fali Chanda (Rupchada) at Tk 1200, Chanda small at Tk 250, walking fish (Shoal) at Tk 350, Eel at Tk 450, Meni at Tk 400, sheat (boal) at Tk 600 to 800 per kg, Ek-thota (Kaitta fish) at Tk 550, Coral Fish at  550, naturally grown Pangas at Tk 700, cultivated Pangas at Tk 170, Rajputi at Tk 450, Tilapia at Tk  180, Ruhit at Tk 350 per kg, medium  size carp (katol) at Tk 250-300, big size katol at Tk 400 per kg,  local variety of Cat fish (Shing) at Tk 500-900, barbel at Tk 800 per kg, big size shrimp at Tk  800-1000 and small shrimp at Tk  350-400 per kg. Beef price decreased by Tk30 to 40 per kg and it was selling at Tk 320 to 340 per kg in the city, red meat at Tk 500, a medium size of local cock at Tk 400 to 550 per piece and hen at Tk 300 to 340. The boiler chickens’ price stands at Tk 160 per kg, egg (chicken) at Tk 32 per hali (4 pieces) and egg (duck) at Tk 38 to Tk 40. At Karwan Bazar, brinjal was selling at Tk 35 to 45 per kg, tomato at Tk 25 to 35, potato at Tk 16 to 25, bitter gourd at Tk 50 to Tk 60, balsam apple at Tk 70, okra at Tk 50, cucumber at Tk 35 to 40, spone gourd at Tk  40 to 50, arum at 60, radish at Tk 40, papaya at Tk 20, carrot at Tk 25 to 30, french at Tk 50, snake gourd at Tk 40 to 45, pumpkin (medium size) Tk  40 to 50 per piece, cauliflower Tk 20 to 25, bottle gourd at Tk 40 to 50,  ash gourd at Tk 20 to 25, coriander leaves at Tk 100 per kg, green chilli at Tk 50 and broccoli at Tk 35 per piece besides, China cabbage at Tk 35, beat at 50 per kg, capsicum (red) at Tk 400 kg and capsicum (green) at Tk 250 to 300 per kg. On Saturday the coarse rice was found selling for Tk 32 to 35 per kg, pyjam at Tk 36 to Tk 38, Nazirshail brand of rice at Tk 50 to 54, Minicate at Tk 52-54, Pillau rice (Badsha bhog) at Tk 85 to Tk 100 and Kalojira at Tk 100 to Tk 115 only. Coarse flour was selling at Tk40 per kg and 2 kg packet at Tk 75, Ata brown packet at Tk45 per kg. Five liters of Rupchanda brand canned soybean oil was selling at Tk 490 to Tk 505. onion was selling at Tk 35 per kg, imported onion at Tk 28, imported garlic at Tk 90 to 100 per kg and local one at Tk 70. Imported ginger was selling at Tk 110 to 130, local produce at Tk 80 to Tk 90 only, lentil at Tk 115 and mash at Tk 110 kg only.