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SM Azam : a household name in political arena in the UK

26S M AZAM is a Deputy Chairman (Media, Recruitment and Fund raising) of Conservative Association in Bethnal Green and Bow. He was an Executive Member for three years of this association (2011- Nov 2014) and a CF (Young Conservatives Wing) Chairman for London Borough of Tower Hamlets (2009-2011) and also CF social action officer for London.

He has lived in Tower Hamlets  for about a decade. He started his political move during University life. After finishing Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at University of Westminster he worked with various leading companies and later started his small business.

Prior to Deputy Chairmanship he was engaged in many political campaigns in mayoral, local and national elections. During his University life he was heavily involved in CF activities across London and later became CF chairman of Tower Hamlets and social action officer for London. He fought for successful Conservative Majority Government in this general election (2015).

Azam works tirelessly for the people of Bethnal Green and Bow. To enhance social integration and make politics better understanding to the ordinary people of the Borough he works with local media, charities, professionals and various grassroots  organizations.

He is a host of weekly (every Tuesday) political talk show ‘Politics & Beyond’ on Channel i Europe (Sky-833). He believes in meritocracy, fairer society and admires family life, taking own responsibility and doing right thing for the community.

 AZAM Born in the world’s largest delta (Bangladesh) and later migrated to the great nation, birth place of democracy in the United Kingdom as a young adventurist and enjoying his golden time of life. He is happily married with Katherine Azam and blessed by little angel Monaco Azam.

 Azam has been nurtured in a humble family under strict rules and discipline as a middle son of a school head teacher and government officer for Health & Family planning.  Education and respect human values are the family principle.

 He understands the importance of values, cultural, political and social integration for migrant communities in the UK.  He has been seen and realised the challenges of life in both parts of the world. His first hand experience taught him the value of human dignity, economic and political freedom and the necessity of fair society. The right way to contribute in community and bringing changes for ordinary people’s lives are; by engaging social and political engagement.

His background & values perfectly matches with Conservatives values and philosophies. He has started his political motion during university life and since then working with/for conservative party in different capacities.

Campaign Experience:

General Election 2015: SM Azam  campaigned  hard for conservative majority government as an active member of Team-2015. He also made  several journey through battle bus across country as a CFOB branch chairman (London Borough of Tower Hamlets). So far he has campaigned  for Rt Hon. Nicky Morgan MP in Loughborough, Boris Johnson for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, Nick de Bois for Enfield North, Michael Ellis for Northampton North, Anne Main for St Albans, Lindsey Hall for Westminster North, Bob Blackman for Harrow East, Jacki Doyle-Price for Thurrock, Lee Scott for Ilford north, Luke Parker for Brent North, Chris Wilford and Mathew Smith for LBTH seats and many more candidates in greater London.

 He contributed numerous fund raising programs across London for the Conservative majority Government in 2015.

 Local Election : London Borough of Tower Hamlets (May 20014):  SM Azam was Conservative council candidate in Bow West. He tried His level best to help the people of Bow West and allowed them for alternate choice to change the ‘granted political culture’ in LBTH.

Azam took part of Campaigning on Scottish referendum for ‘No Votes’ in 2014.

He also campaigned for  General Election in 2010/2005 in Tower Hamlets, Richmond, Romford and other constituencies across London (As a CF activist) also run CF social program throughout London with Universities CF groups, London Mayoral election for Boris Johnson 2012 and 2008, Tower Hamlets Mayoral Election in 2010, Council Election and By-election in Tower Hamlets and other Boroughs in 2010, Campaigning AV and fought for GLA election.

Community Engagement:

SM Azam  Fought for council transparency and zero corruption, better & safer Cycling in the borough, cleaner & safer Borough for all, helping student community who are struggling with complex system, supporting the Royal London Hospital for more funding, Supporting for business community in Brick lane for long trading hours, running Job clinic with  MP candidate in Bethnal Green and Bow for young people

Azam fought  against EDL in the LBTH street.

He is working for vulnerable people through many charities/organizations

“I’m proud because I’m a British-Bangladeshi; by virtue I’m a conservative. I believe in meritocracy, quality rather than age, gender, and social,” said SM Azam.