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Toukir, Bipasha work in Abul Hayat’s Eid tele-drama

27The audience usually get the opportunity to watch the celebrity artistes in tele-dramas on the Eid occasions. Similarly, popular onscreen and real life couple Toukir Ahmed and Bipasha Hayat will be seen appearing together in an Eid special tele-drama titled ‘Sonali Danar Chil’. The tele-drama is scripted and directed by Abul Hayat. The duo is working together again under the direction of Abul Hayat after a year. In spite of the heavy rain, the shooting of the tele-drama began this Saturday at Bil Bilaiya shooting house in Pubail, Gazipur.
Neera used to dream of her married life that this particular stage of life belongs to the couple only. But after getting married to Sajal, her romantic dream breaks into pieces. For this reason, Neera is always suppressed by a mental pressure. The tele-drama has been made based on the story of Neera, Abul Hayat said.
Bipasha replied to a question when asked how she enjoys while working under the direction of her father having Toukir as a co-artist, “When I come to work under the direction my father in tele-drama or tele-film, I even debate with the director or writer father if required. On the other hand, when he needs to chide me, he never does it cordially; rather he always does it strongly.”
“When I work with my husband, we always try to do the work giving proper respect to each other so that we can end up doing a good job. When Toukir and I work under my father’s direction, that always comes with his pure honesty, hard labour and immense brilliance. We always experience a family environment in the shooting unit, and at the same time we try to present a mind-blowing work to the audience.”
To note, Toukir and Bipasha worked together in the directorial debut tele-drama of Abul Hayat. Then they appeared in a number of tele-dramas directed by the same director such as ‘Bely’, ‘Prottasha’, besides the drama serial ‘Dola’and ‘Hasuli Begumer Upakhayan’.
The duo worked together last time in ‘Ekjon Aporadhini’ under the direction of Abul Hayat.
On the occasion of upcoming Eid, Abul Hayat produced ‘Molinar Ek Ratri’ for ATN Bangla.