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Awami League’s Iftar

24Ansar Ahmed Ullah

UK Awami League hosted an Iftar Mahfil for the London based Bengali press & media on 9 July held at Café Grill restaurant, Banglatown. The event was attended by a large number of staff working for UK based satellite TVs, radio, newspapers, magazines and websites.

Conducted by Secretary Syed Faruk Awami League’s president Sultan Shariff said, as part of Bangladesh’s vision 2021 Bangladesh government is using digitisation  to eradicate poverty,

establish good governance, ensure social equity through quality education, healthcare and law   enforcement for all, and prepare the people for climate change. It is remarkable to mention

that Bangladesh has now become a lower-middle income country, joining those with annual  incomes of $1,046 to $4,125. He concluded by stating that he believed Bangladesh has the  potential to join the ranks of the middle-income counties by 2021.

Prior to breaking fast a prayer was led by Moulana Kutub Uddin of Ulama Parishad appealing for peace

and prosperity for Bangladesh and its people.Awami League’s Iftar