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Deep condolence from the Bengali community

43Ansar Ahmed Ullah :: International Forum for Secular Bangladesh, UK strongly condemn the barbaric mass killing in Paris by IS on November 13 and expressed solidarity with the government and people of France on their fight against terrorism in the name of Islam.
We are deeply shocked, enraged and grief-stricken by IS’s barbaric and cowardly attack on innocent people of Paris, those were enjoying music and sports on Friday, the 13th November. We strongly condemn such mass killing in the name of Islam be it in Paris or any part of the world. During last two years the most notorious terrorist organisation named “Islamic States” (IS) has declared war against global peace, human civilization and humanity at large by committing genocide and crimes against humanity in Middle East and other parts of the world. Their main objective is to destroy everything those that are not identical with their brand of Islam, i.e. “Wahabism”. Even before the creation of IS or Al-Qaeda the Wahabists of South Asia known as Jamaat-e Islami was responsible for killing 3 million people in the name of Islam during the liberation War of Bangladesh. Taking the advantage of democracy and freedom of speech the leaders of Jamaat-e Islami of Bangladesh and Pakistan along with their associates in different Muslim majority countries are often visiting western counties and radicalizing the Muslim diaspora through their literature and hate campaign thus creating the ground for IS recruitment in Europe.
We strongly support President Francois Hollande’s stand on comprehensive action against IS and all kind of terrorism in the name of religion. Since the militant Islamists have already setup a strong global network, a counter network of secular humanists of the world is needed urgently to fight them both politically and ideologically.
The people of Bangladesh, who are also victims of terrorism in the name of religion, expresses deep condolence and sympathy for those who were brutally killed and injured on the dreadful night of November 13th. Along with the peace loving people of the world we firmly stand by the government and people of France and express our solidarity with their fight against terrorism for the sake of mankind.