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Massive protest against Hindu fundamentalist Modi

42Ansar Ahmed Ullah ::

A massive demonstration against the visiting Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi was held on 12 Nov outside 10 Downing Street where he was meeting British Prime Minister David Cameron. Demonstrators protested Modi’s visit with placards demanding ‘Modi go back’, ‘End attacks on Muslims, Christians & Dalits’, ‘Stop religious persecution’, ‘Modi not welcome’, ‘We will not forget Gujarat genocide’ and ‘Stop meddling in Nepal’.
The protest was called by Awaaz, a network of secular progressive South Asian Indians, Pakistanis & Bengalis. Others who joined the protest were members of Indian Workers Association, South Asia Solidarity Group, Nepali diaspora, Kashmiris, Sikhs and many other groups and organisations.
The demonstrators were protesting against communal violence, sectarian violence, violence against Churches, attacks against Muslims, banning of beef, attack on Dalits and especially against Gujarat massacre of Muslims. In 2002, while Narendra Modi was chief minister for Gujarat, a train carriage carrying Hindu pilgrims caught fire in the state. Within hours, without a scrap of evidence, Modi blamed the 58 deaths on the Pakistani secret services.
His Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) called a three-day strike. There then followed one of the bloodiest anti-Muslim pogroms in modern history. Mobs of men dragged wives and daughters on to the streets to be raped. One ringleader later boasted of slitting open the womb of a pregnant woman. Up to 2,000 Muslims were killed. As a result of Gujarat massacre of Muslims Narendra Modi was banned from entering the UK.