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Excelsior Sylhe will be renovated like famous resorts in the UK

9Excelsior Sylhet organised a meeting of its investors in a restaurant in Dockland on 22nd November.  Prominent businessman and community activist Siraj Haque presided over the meeting.  Managing Director of Excelsior Sylhet Sayed Chowdhury gave the welcome speech.
Other directors and guests who addressed the audience included Marketing Director Ahmod Ali, Director and Convenor of Finance Sub-committee  Accounant Cllr Ayas Miah, Director M A Qayum, President of British Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce London Region Bashir Ahmed, former Coucilor Joynal Chowdhury, Actor Kefayet Khan, Businessman Murad Ahemd, Hafiz Chowdhury and others.
Guests who took part in the discussion between directors and shareholders included Yunus Ali, Masum Ahmed, Abdul Basit Khan, Masukur Rahman, Anis Rahman, Mohammod Monir Hossain, Abdul Mannan Bashir, Hasina Mamtaj, Enamul Islam, Jamal Hossain Khan, Abdul Karim Jalil, Moshudur Rahman Chowdhury, Wahid Ali, Akter Hossain Kausar, Abdul Hafiz, Jashim Uddin Selim and others.
Five of the directors who were present in the discussion meeting pledged to increase their share by investing more.  Some prominent businessmen, who were present as observers, expressed their interest in the project.
The committee also notified that among the investors, 20 directors has been registered in the Company House and another five are on the list. Directors or investors, who has pending instalments, was requested to pay their instalments, so that the company can issue share and register their name.
The company also informed that, if anyone wants their investment back, they will require to put it in writing before the next board meeting.