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Duwa Mahfil organised by Syedpur Shamsia Shomity

50Syedpur Shamsia Shomity organised a discussion meeting and Duwa Mahfil on 3rd January in Micro Business Centre in East London.  Association’s President Pir Ahmed Qutub presided over the meeting where Maolana Sheikh Jakaria recited from the Quran in the beginning.
Maolana Syed Saleh Ahmed gave the welcoming speech.  The Duwa Mahfil was conducted by Khelfot Majlish UK’s President Maolana Abdul Qader Saleh and Khatib of London Ford Square Jame Masjid  Maolana Mahbub Ahmed recited verses from the Quran.
Secretary of the Association Maolana conducted the event.  Guests who addressed  in the discussion and took part in Duwa mahfil included Advisors of the association Sheikh a Noor, Syed Rafiqul Haque Rafi Mian, Syed Tajud MIah, Syed Ziaul Haque, Syed Shamim Ahmed, Syed Ershad Mian Azad, Ahmed Moyez, Sheikh Fakhrul Islam, Syed Hossain Ahmed, Sheikh Saiful Islam, Master Md Zakir, Md Abdul Gous, Taher Kamali, Cllr Aminur Khan, Syed Mominul Islam, Syed Shahidul Islam, Syed Jillul Haque, Syed Abu Zafar Misbah, Syed Amirul Islam Ana, Shiekh Ashraful, Shed Akhlak Mian, Syed Badrul Islam, Md Fakhar Uddin, Syed Sirajul Islam, Syed Belal Ahmed, Syed Hilal Saif, Syed Jabed Mian, Syed Akroj Mian, Syed Mujefor, Syed Morad Ali.
Guest who attended the event included Md Akhlakur Rahman, Alhaj Kamar Uddin, Abdul Malek Kuti, Meher Baksh, A Momin, Syed Amir Hamjah, Syed Safar Ali, Major (Rtd) Syed Ali Asfaque Sami, Syed Jabir, Syed Rumi, Syed Hamja, Emdad, Jahid, Was Mian, Abdul Gous, Md Iqbal Hossain, Syed Habibur Rahman Shishu, Md Aminul Haque and others.
The speakers expressed their gratitude for taking initiative to establish a hospital in Syedpur.  Office Secretary of the Association Syed Hamja was cheered by the guests for his benevolence of distributing winter rugs to forty poor families of local area.