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Funding for a royal knees up in honour of the Queen!

Residents in Flamborough Street celebrate the royal wedding in 2011The Queen will be celebrating her 90th birthday in April with festivities taking place until June and

residents in Tower Hamlets are invited to join in!

The council is offering grants of up to £250 to community groups to organise a series of events to

mark the milestone in June.

Celebrations will be staged up and down the country to tie in with the finale event, the Patron’s

Lunch on Saturday 12 June, and the council is keen to support residents to be involved by

making it easier to host street parties or other events to mark this regal occasion.

Application forms for grants or permission to hold a street party are available

at www.towerhamlets.gov.uk/arts

The Event Fund is a small grant fund for community arts based events which has been operating

successfully for a number of years.

It works on a rolling programme with monthly deadlines and for the Queen’s Birthday, we have

extended the deadline for applications and relaxed the need for arts content.

In the past, royal events such as the Queens Golden Jubilee, have generated a lot of interest

from communities seeking to come together and celebrate.

Street parties are very much part of East London’s history and remain probably the most popular

way of celebrating these events.

Stephen Murray, Head of Arts, Parks and Events at the council said “This is a fantastic

opportunity to bring people together and we want to encourage communities to use the help

available to them in making this a birthday to remember here in Tower Hamlets.”

So why not join forces with friends, family and neighbours to hold a traffic stopping, festive feast

on your own doorstep. Celebrate, decorate and participate!