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Unintentionally or ignorantly not realising manipulating  phrases and acts in the name of Islam

By Fatema Miah:

What matters to whom? It is concerning that miss phrases, wrong utterances and manipulation culture is in practice by large demography of Muslims in fact in most nations and regions. It  is concerning because wrong breaches misconception to misleading and instigate ill thought to reactionsm.  I stepped back to address this closest matter affecting Islam, highlighting the concerning factors and holding them before the conscious eyes.

Proper and actual teaching is missing or left out  or twisted often.  My heart aches to mention, I worked hard to teach my boys proper and good essence of Islam and I  have with facing many knocks off experiences. I am glad to see, after all, the quality and values alongside British ethics are persistence in my sons in the form of good nature.

The ignorants class, the larger groups, are many and everywhere, that I say with paining in heart, often I get to face them here and there. World is saying Muslins are unpleasant,  vile, here I say, few are indeed undeniably thus are supported by majority by either being silence where is fearless situation, or are oppressive against good and true teaching and rationality.

Muslim group leaders, claim such  titles; imams, Karis and Ulamas, often utter false statements quoting wrong verses or even make up false phrases and act wrongly in passion of leading groups. No wonder hate, quarrel and disagreements rises.  The group members are, oh, gosh, are retardant minded. The danger is ignorants often rigid and are equivalent to evil.

There also another factor is the practise styles whether sectarianism or groups developed desires, sadly inconsiderate to others; groups, individuals or to the locality, authority. The laughter is, Saudi Arabia under Ohabism gives no damn to them at all, there they don’t even dare to hiccup let alone to voice.

Saitan, Iblis is vastly in low quality  Muslims,  two Bangali groups UK Hajj organises there in Arafath day crossing each others, two sets of speakers were going on at the same time. One groups’ Imam so adamantly and disgracefully, mannerlessly  raised volume of speaker and started idiotic nashid to disturb the other groups jamath, despite they were told few times.  Shamefully, Shit-heads.

Majority retardant, idiotic, no Islamic knowledge neither well practised into mature age, men and women gone to Hajj. Women most seemed bad mannered, mentally inadequate and disturbed minded and mamnerless.  The face veiling women are worse in manner, disgraceful facial expression and ill speakers. Some passed middle age men are equally same. They are all Bangali, mostly Sylheti from UK.

Even there these people couldn’t refrain from hypocrisy, back bitting, grouping making up lies and passing on. They  talk aloud telling others to sabr  patience for sake of Hajj, so they could get away with everything they want, said Bangali Kari in Saudi. Sabr, patience is doing word not  saying. With such mentality,  hypocritical ill mindset they faced harrassment from Pakistani people often, it was announced Pakistani women bitten those Bangali women in Heram Sharif, announced Kari Ubaid Ullah Amini from London. Dog eats dog world! Shame and Hilarious Muslim portrays.

Kari Ubaid Ullah Amini is a misleading Hajj organising License holder was trialled in London Court for misleading Hajj organising and mis-selling hajj packages alongside their Hajj  agents both in London and Birmingham. Shame, people do not care about shaming Islam by wrong doing using Islam and playing with its core practises. Before blaming Kuffars the non Muslims criticising Islam Kari Ubaid Ullah like people must be prompted to be corrected that Islam not to be played with.

The organisers take groups of 200 plus people out on tours and there themselves aren’t first aid qualified to even basic level, neither they check on to allocate, or to put forward people whom are first aid certified. Living in periodic medieval time. Muslim People act like being on suicide mission, Martyrdom.  There the big strong bodies and voice take power on hands,  few women exercising rights over others.

Quality cannot be taught mannerism cannot be injected into people,  (my phrase), these people, specially those women  cannot be taught because they acting know it all and keep pressing their ill learning and rigid manners on. They force teaching their rigidity, being bias to learnt one with good polite manners who isn’t loud talking of  knowledge to show off, what they cannot see knowledge practised.

Under Ubaid Ullah like Karis  these overly Muslim acting women have no basic knowledge of Sunnah types, moakedah and gairmoakedah and nafl means extra to gairmuakedah, there is no other category for nafl. Wazifa means homework,  Sheik Shadis Farsi poem isn’t equal to Quran, if someone has taste or mood for poetry that’s fine though not to mistake with or to hold equal to verses of Quran. Ubaid Ullah Amini being a Kari must emphasise such.

Teaching Islamic values is must to those too Islamic acting women;  bias, misconception and opinion throwing attitude is their nature that is haram, un-Islamic. Women in veil are worse in attitude, mentally sick with misunderstanding and mishearing then wrong  verbalising  phrases with short cut, obviously lacking in manner. They should be categorised statemented for lacking as special needs. Such disqualities shouldn’t be allowed on open to disgrace Islam.

Muslins from every community must voice; pick on faults of their fellow community members and raise them to be addressed and to reinforce quality teaching of manners and values for betterment of Islam.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com