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Gold prices drop by Tk 1,983 per bhori

Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) has decided to reduce the gold price by Tk 1,983 per bhori.

With the new rate effective from Tuesday, price of 22-carat gold was reduced from Tk 99,144 to Tk 97,161 per bhori, according to a press release issued by BAJUS.

BAJUS said the rate was re-fixed as the prices of pure gold declined in the domestic market.

According to the newly fixed prices, each bhori of 21 carat gold (11.66 grams) has been re-fixed at Tk 97,161, while 18-carat at Tk 79,490 and traditional gold price at Tk 66,252.

Meanwhile, the prices of silver have remained unchanged.

The price of 22-carat of silver is Tk 1,715 per bhori, while 21-carat is Tk 1,633, 18-carat is Tk 1,400 and traditional method of silver is Tk 1,050.

Earlier, the previous price of per bhori gold in the local market was Tk 99,144.