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A New Executive Committee of RCT formed


The new Executive Committee of Red Bridge Community Trust (RCT) has been constituted with Mohammed Ohid Uddin as President and  Shaheen Chowdhury as the General Secretary.

In the general meeting held at the residence of Mohammed Ohid Uddin in Newbury Park  on Sunday 15 May 2023, the former executive committee of RCT was unanimously abolished and a new executive committee was formed.

In the general meeting organized under the chairmanship of Mohammed Ohid Uddin, it was informed that the term of the executive committee of RCT expired two years ago. So the formation of a new committee becomes essential. Considering this context, it was decided to declare the former executive committee null and void and form a new executive committee unanimously.

President of RCT Mohammed Ohid Uddin presented the financial and annual report of the former executive committee and it was unanimously accepted.

In the meeting, gratitude and thanks were expressed to the former executive committee general secretary Fanu, Mia, and treasurer Anwaruddin, and other office bearers and members for contributing to the overall welfare of RCT.

Shaheen Chowdhury, Golam Md. Rafiq, Zoin Uddin Paplu, Niaz Chowdhury Shubon, Abu Shohel,Maksud Ahmed, Emdad Ahmed, Afsor Hossain Anam, Enamul Haque, Misbah Jamal, Mrs. S.K Uddin, Osman Md. Rabbi, participated in the discussion at the general meeting.

The newly constituted full executive committee of RCT

President-Mohammed Ohid Uddin, General Secretary Shaheen Choudhury , Vice President-Afsor Hossain Anam, Mohammad Faruk  Uddin, Emdad Ahmed, Treasurer Md. Enamul Haque, Joint Treasurer- Golam Md.  Rafique, Joint Secretary-Niaz Chowdhur Shuvon , Organizing Secretary- Maksud Ahmed, Publicity and Publication Secretary-Misbah Jamal, Member Secretary- Joynul Choudhury .

The members of the executive committee are: Fanu Mia, Kabir Mahmud, AR Khan Souza, Abu Shohel, Shaheen Ahmed, Mohammad Amin, Abu Taraque