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No l, no fear in Awami League’s dictionary: Shahriar

State Minister for Foreign Affairs Md Shahriar Alam today said, the narrative of Bangladesh being a “small country” has changed globally with its growing economy, wider engagement with partners, and political stability.

“Bangladesh is seen as an example of good practice in multilateral forums,” he said while speaking at DCAB Talk, UNB reports.

Diplomatic Correspondents Association, Bangladesh (DCAB) hosted its flagship event at the Foreign Service Academy.

DCAB President Rezaul Karim Lotus moderated the discussion. DCAB General Secretary Emrul Kayesh also spoke on the occasion.

The state minister said that Bangladesh’s importance has increased significantly and its level of cooperation internationally has also been enhanced.

He said Bangladesh has achieved continuity and stability, and this continuity will prevail.

Responding to a question, Alam said, the government is “not feeling any pressure” ahead of the national election as the Election Commission will proceed as per the constitution.

Referring to events over 10 years ago, the state minister said that there is no word like “fear” in the dictionary of Awami League and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

He also mentioned a diplomatic call for a fresh election before monsoon in the past, saying, “That sounds too ambitious.”

The state minister said the government will not accept or welcome any interference in Bangladesh’s internal affairs but will welcome election observers.

He said there has been conspiracy against Bangladesh in the past.

Responding to a question, Alam said that there has been significant progress that leads to the need for withdrawing US sanctions on the elite force, RAB. “We will realise the demand (withdrawal of sanctions).”

Alam said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will not take any step that goes against the interest of the people and the country.

In his remarks, DCAB President Rezaul Karim said they understand Bangladesh has emerged as an important country in geopolitics with its growing economy. He said Bangladesh’s extraordinary development, democratic stability, and geopolitical significance are undeniably matters of discussion at home and abroad.