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Saboteurs plan to create panic on election day: IGP

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun on Friday said that the law enforcement agencies have the information about the saboteurs’ plans in creating panic among citizens on election day.

The IGP said the saboteurs had planned some activities centering the upcoming 12th national elections and on election day, as part of the plan, they would create panic among the public causing loud explosions or detonating crude bombs.

He said the law enforcement agencies are fully prepared to tackle such attempts to spread fear among the people and no acts of sabotage will be tolerated.

Mamun told this during a security briefing organised at Willes Little Flower School and College in the capital on Friday.

He said there might be isolated incidents, but police have prevented all significant nationwide sabotage attempts.

Regarding hartals, the police chief said people of the country are election-oriented and if they would go to the polling centres in groups and then pro-hartal activists will not be found anywhere.

Responding to a query about the security measures taken at polling centres, the IGP said security arrangements had been made at each centre starting from Friday and they have taken adequate security measures for all high-risk centres.

About the virtual rumours and the police’s role in combating those, the IGP said various police units are working in the cyber world and they are managing all activities using technology.