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The roadmap to managing stress with Ayurvedic herbs

Whether it’s handling a crucial business call, trying to finish your syllabus before the exam, or attempting to make it to work on time as you watch the clock ticking away and the road jam-packed with cars, stress and anxiety have become unwelcome companions in the modern world. The perspiration, increased heartbeat, and, in some cases, even blackouts – we’ve all experienced stress at every turn in life. Stress can trigger premature aging, decelerate heart and brain health, and contribute to increasing cases of obesity and disorders. While therapy, essential oils, and medications can help handle situations better, Ayurvedic herbs are hidden kitchen staples that offer efficient solutions for managing the causes and effects of stress as well. Here are our top picks in Ayurvedic herbs that are safe to use.


Ashwagandha is renowned for keeping the nervous system calm, preventing overthinking and anxiety – core reasons behind unwanted stress. Known to inhibit cortisol secretion, a major stress hormone, this herb treats mood disorders, neurological issues, and cognitive disorders effectively.


Tulsi, often considered a sacred plant in Hindu tradition, is more than just a remedy for coughs and colds; it’s unbelievably beneficial for alleviating signs and symptoms of stress. Tulsi helps reduce stress by regulating body parameters, including lipids, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels. Its antidepressant properties provide a calming effect on the nervous system while enhancing cognitive function.


The cooling properties of Bhringraj aid in calming the nervous system while simultaneously reducing stress levels. Ayurveda focuses on tuning the body and mind with the environment, and Bhringraj helps balance the doshas, fluctuations of which can lead to various diseases and poor health. By boosting blood circulation, Bhringraj promotes comfortable, high-quality sleep, directly impacting stress and anxiety levels.


Often recommended for cognitive development, Brahmi, with its cooling properties, also significantly impacts stress levels. It inhibits enzymes associated with stress and inflammation markers while reducing mental fatigue and anxiety.

Other Ayurvedic herbs that can be a part our daily lives to reduce stress levels include turmeric, jatamansi, lemon, along with appropriate exercises like yoga, which fine-tune both mind and body.