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Onion import from India starts again after 20 days

After being closed for 20 days, import of onions from India started again through Hili land port in Dinajpur district on Tuesday.

Traders have started importing Indian onions as the price of domestic onions increased in the country’s markets.

Two trucks loaded with Indian onions entered Hili Port around 5 pm. Through this, the import process started.

It was known that an importing company named ‘Satata Banijyalay’ imported these onions. As of writing this report, 33 tonnes of onions have been imported in two trucks.

Mahabub Hossain, representative of C&F agent of the importing company, said, ”Since domestic onions suddenly cost Tk 80 per kg in the country’s markets, import of onions from India has started from today to control the markets. And due to losses, imports were stopped for the last 20 days.”

Earlier, Indian government banned the export of onions due to the crisis in their domestic market. The country lifted the ban on May 4 and imposed a 40 percent tariff. On May 14, an importer of Hili land port suffered a loss by importing onions with duty. Since then, onion import has stopped. A duty of USD 550 for per metric ton of the onion and around Tk seven for per kg have to be paid.