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1,200 hectares of paddy field, 8,000 ponds damaged in Sunamganj flood

Water levels in various rivers across Sunamganj district have started to recede but the flooding has left a trail of destruction in the district.

Approximately 4,000 metric tons of fish from 8,000 ponds have been washed away, and 1,700 hectares of Aus paddy fields along with 500 hectares of vegetables have been damaged .

The flood was triggered by continuous heavy rainfall and mountain runoff, causing the water levels in 26 rivers to rise. As a result, low-lying areas in Sadar, Tahirpur, Dowarabazar, Chatak, Maddhyanagar and Dharmapasha upazilas were inundated, affecting around 6,50,000 people.

Many residents were forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in shelters. However, the situation began to improve from Friday morning as the rain ceased, and water levels started to drop by Sunday morning.

According to Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB), water levels in nearly all the rivers of the district have decreased in the past 24 hours. Notably, the water level of the Surma River has fallen by 24 centimeters below the danger mark.

Local residents expressed their frustration, saying, “Flooding is an annual event in Sunamganj, damaging our homes every year and which amount of assistance the government give us is minimal.”

District Commissioner Rashed Iqbal Chowdhury stated that they are currently preparing a list of the damaged houses and all necessary assistance will be provided to those affected people.